Green Day

Luke joined me as I went downstairs to feed the kitties and make a cup of coffee. He then went outside, did his business, and went back to bed. I tried all of my usual tricks to get him to go with me to work, but in bed he stayed. Jeff was kind enough to bring Luke to the box to join me as I coached the 8:30 session and attended the 9:30 session, led by the always lovely Coach Deborah.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

With a Partner
1 min work; rest 1 min between rounds
Double unders
Only 1 partner may work at a time.

I feared that no one would partner with me. I was both surprised and delighted when Carin volunteered to do so! She is an absolute delight, and has shown tremendous progress in the short amount of time that she’s been a member. And you should see her pull a sled.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many dus Carin and I completed individually. We worked very well together and completed 73, 80, 89, & 91 dus for a total of 333 reps. Yay!

Metcon (Time)

5 pull-ups
10 bent over rows (75/45)
15 air squats
Run 200m
10 pull-ups
20 bent over rows
30 air squats
Run 400m
20 pull-ups
40 bent over rows
60 air squats
Run 800m
Rx+ = C2B pull-ups, 95/63 bent over rows, and jumping air squats

Yup, I completed Rx+. I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again: This was tough. I completed all 3 rounds of C2B pull-ups unbroken, including round of 20. I completed first 2 rounds of bent over rows unbroken and the round of 60 in reps of 10. I only completed the 1st round of jumping air squats unbroken and completed the rounds of 30 and 60 in reps of 10. The round of 40 bent over rows nearly destroyed me, and I was convinced that I’d have to complete the last 10 reps in sets of 5 reps. The last 30 jumping air squats were laborious, and I found myself resting far too long between sets of 10 reps.

Luke ran with me today, and he very much enjoyed doing so! I’d put on his leash, and off we’d go. He starting slowing me down during the 400m run so I let me run leash-free. He ran even more slowly during the 800m run so I once again let me run off-leash. He stuck right by my side. Good boy!

I love this picture of Luke with the evening endurance athletes.


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