I Claim Victory

Uhm, I haven’t posted in four whole days. FOUR WHOLE DAYS! Wanna know why? WANNA KNOW WHY?

I’ll tell you why, but first an addendum to Monday’s workout, Partner Cindy. I completed the workout a fourth time, this time with my very good friend, Jay. YES, A FOURTH TIME.

Amazingly, I wasn’t the least bit tired nor sore, and Jay never sometimes often most of the time always struggled to keep up with me. We did kick some major ass, though, and completed 30 rounds + 14 reps. Yup, just 1 air squat (Jay?!) shy or 33 rounds. So that I could keep May, Jay’s lovely spouse, entertained, I often sang and danced. I once again completed all rounds of activities in unbroken reps. I also once again completed many butterfly pull-ups. I’m awesome like that.

May let me know that on the drive home Jay said to her: Paul doesn’t rest. Like ever.

Grand total for the day:

  • 280 pull-ups
  • 560 pushups
  • 825 air squats

As an aside, I question some of the scores of the other teams. There, I said it.

I had planned on working out Tuesday afternoon, as that would’ve been the only possible time I could do so. I coached the 6, 7, 8:30, & 9:30 am sessions. I had planned on eating a Best Bar Ever only to discover that Coach Nick had eaten the very last one. Dammit. I was very hungry, and had limited time before having to return to the box to lead the 11:45 session, so I caved into cravings and had a BoJangles chicken and egg biscuit.

Big mistake. BIG MISTAKE!

By the end of the afternoon session I wasn’t feeling very well. I coached the 4 pm session. I had set up the 5:15 athletes to begin the strength portion of the workout when I had this thought: Get a breath of fresh air. I went outside, rounded the corner, and engaged in some competition-worthy projective vomiting. Julie, who was sitting on one of the tires outside of the garage door, was kind enough to start the clock for me. I felt surprisingly much better after vomiting, but then began to feel worse as the session continued. The 6:30 endurance athletes were understanding when I asked them to attend the CF instead of Endurance session. I went home and went to sleep.

And slept 20 hours on Wednesday. Coaches Nick, Jennifer, and Marni were kind enough to cover my sessions. I was almost back to feeling some sense of normalcy by Thursday and was able to coach the Express and Endurance sessions.

I also joined the 6:30 PM endurance athletes and showed them how to run ran 400m in 69 seconds flat. That’s pretty fast. I do practice what I preach in that I took a breath every 4th step the first 100m, every 3rd step the next 200m, and every other step that last 100m. ‘Twas a strong finish.

I had (and have) no interest in completing 15.5. I was quite disappointed in the announcement, as thrusters and rowing for calories were expected. Boring.

I attended the Friday @ 4 pm session and did mah ohn thang.

18-min AMRAP
24″ box jump + 30″ box jump + 36″ box jump X 2
36 unbroken double unders
12 knees to elbows

I needed to sweat, and sweat I did. I didn’t, however, push myself too hard, and was grateful that Heather and Elizabella (Heather’s daughter) were there to check out the box and love on Luke. And not in that order.

I wore my GoPro. Why not?

I completed 8 rounds + 42 reps. I did have to restart a round of double unders, having missed the 10th rep, but did indeed complete all rounds in unbroken reps. I completed 6 rounds of knees to elbows in unbroken reps, mistakenly breaking the 5th round into unbroken sets of 7 & 5 reps. Oh, and I missed the very last rep of the 8th round. Whilst I didn’t drop from the bar, I did have to re-kip. Dammit.

That’s 54 box jumps (18 at each height), 324+ double udders, and 95 knees to elbows.

Saturday? No, SaturYAY! Coach Nick was unable to secure a babysitter, so I led the 8:30 as well as 9:45 sessions and then worked out at 11 am. Coach Jeff led the session. Jeffy? No, JeffYAY! I completed this workout a little over a year ago in a time of 50:03.

Run 1 mile
Then complete 6 rounds of 9 reps of the following:
— Handstand pushups
— Burpee pull-ups
— Banded deadlifts (185)
— Ring dips
— Burpee box jumps (30)
— Banded deadlifts 
Then run 1 mile

I ran the first mile in a somewhat slow time of 6:45. I set a goal to complete all rounds of activities except banded deadlifts in unbroken reps. During the second set of deadlifts of the 3rd round I thought, “Why am I breaking deadlifts into sets of 5 & 4 reps? I know that others have struggled, but I’m feeling strong today. Go for unbroken reps.” And that’s what I did. In retrospect, I’m disappointed in myself for not setting a goal of completing all activities in unbroken reps. Yup, I did complete all rounds of HSPUs, burpee pull-ups, ring dips, and burpee box jumps in unbroken reps.

Uhm, starting the final mile was perhaps the most challenging part of the workout, and I ever so briefly considered stopping to walk.

Thom happened to be approaching the 400m mark (returning from the 500m turnaround of his mere 1K run) as I approached my first turnaround. I had a decision to make: run with him or crush him like a bug.

I crushed him like a bug. I CRUSHED HIM LIKE A tiny BUG!

I also crushed my previous time by exactly 4 minutes, completing the workout in 46:03.

Jeff and I then went to the Beer and Bacon Festival. I like bacon. I love beer. I dislike unruly, drunken crowds.


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