Monday evening I asked Jeff if he would be my partner for the next day’s workout. “I’ll have to rearrange my schedule, but we can work out together during lunchtime.” Yay!

Metcon (Time)

Partner Workout
1. Deadlifts | Hold barbell at full extension (135/103)
2. Power cleans | Hold barbell in front rack position (95/63)
3. Power snatch | Hold barbell overhead (75/53)
4. Burpees | Hold plank
5. Back squat (95/63) | Hold bottom of squat
– Partners take turns completing 10 reps of each activity 5 rounds (10 rounds total each activity)
– Partners must work AND rest together, i.e., if a partner is unable to hold or hang the working partner may not complete reps

So, what had happened was…

I coached the 6 am session and then coached endurance at 7 am. Only Tami, Marni, and Deborah attended the 8:30 session (which is often the case). As there were 3 coaches present but an odd number of athletes, I offered to complete the workout with Marni, albeit not at prescribed weights. I instead lifted women’s prescribed weights. Marni is fun to work out with, as she talks to herself. It often sounds something like this: “Come on Marni, five more reps. Start in three seconds. One, two three. You got this.” I once again reiterate that I am very supportive and encouraging when I partner with someone. Most importantly, I attempt to work at my partner’s pace, you know, since I don’t want to kill them. I did indeed let Marni establish the pace. She and I both completed all rounds of reps unbroken, i.e., in sets of 10. We did not, however, complete all rounds of activities unbroken, nor did anyone else. Holding the bar at full extension was taxing on the forearms. What surprised me was how easily I was able to hold the barbell overhead as Marni completed power snatches. Holding the barbell in the front rack position was slightly easier than holding the bar at full extension. The easiest hold was, of course, the plank, although holding the bottom of the squat also presented little challenge.

Marni and I completed the workout in 31:18. She said, “I probably completed that 10 minutes faster than I would have. You push me to work harder.”

Many of the 9:30 am athletes are on vacation this week. Alexus returned from her week and a half away from CrossFit Surmount and as she was the only attendee she was in need of a partner. I asked Deborah to lead Foundations as I didn’t think she’d want to do this workout two times back-to-back. I once again lifted the women’s prescribed weights. I once again completed all activities in sets of 10 reps. Alexus worked at a slower pace than did Marni, and this allowed more rest time — and time to dance — for me. Yup, dancing. Alexus and I completed the workout in 38:50.

Upon my arrival home I informed Jeff that I had already completed the workout twice. “I rearranged my schedule for you. Does this mean that you’re not going to be my partner?” Uhm, you’d think that he’d know me better than that.

I did lift prescribed weights. What surprised me most about completing this workout for the third time in about four hours was how strong I still felt. The only time I slightly faltered was during the second set of 10 power snatches in that I completed 7 unbroken reps and briefly rested before completing last 3. Dammit. I did, however, complete remaining rounds in unbroken reps. Yup, I grunted very, very loudly. I also tore skin on pinky and ring fingers of right hand. Dammit.

Jeff struggled with holding the barbell overhead. Surprisingly I did not. Huh? I as did with Marni and Alexus, I allowed Jeff to set the pace. As with Marni and Alexus, I could’ve (and dare I say would’ve) rested for shorter periods of time. As with Marni and Alexus, I didn’t push Jeff. I could tell that he was getting more and more tired as the workout progressed. When we were completing back squats he often needed to rest while completing 10 reps whereas I completed all 5 rounds in unbroken reps. Jeff and I completed the workout in 32:42.

I’m resting today. I earned it. One hundred fifty deadlifts, power cleans, power snatches, burpees, and back squats in addition to a lengthy amount of time spent holding a barbell at full extension, in the front rack position, and overhead in addition to a lengthy amount of time spent in a plank hold and bottom of squat leads to a somewhat tired Paul.

But I’m not the least bit sore.


Grip Strength

I arrived at the box at 10:30 so that Luke and Stevie could finally have a playdate. Coach Jennifer led the 11:45 session programmed by yours truly.

Front Squat (5 @ 85%. 
3 @ 90%
, & max reps @ 95% of 1RM)

As I rested last Monday I didn’t complete Wendler 3-3-3. I knew today was going to feel heavy. I was happy that things went as well as they did. I completed 5 @ 190, 3 @ 200, & 2 @ 215#. I recorded all lifts to ensure that I squatted below parallel. I did. Boom.

2-min Rope Climbs (AMRAP – Reps)

Max rope climbs in 2 minutes

I completed all but one climb in two pulls and climbed the rope 7 times in 2 minutes. My new goal is, of course, 8 climbs in 2 minutes, i.e., 15 seconds per climb.

After resting about 3 minutes I completed 2 legless rope climbs. I. Was. Spent. Good thing I didn’t need grip strength for the metcon. Wait, what?

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10-min AMRAP (5 rounds)Every 2 minutes complete the following:
10/leg alternating leg jumping lunges (=20 reps)
Max reps knees to elbows + toes to bar + pull-up + chest to bar pull-up (=4 reps)

I truly enjoyed this workout, as it was far more challenging than I thought it was going to be. How so? I set a goal to complete all 5 rounds of jumping lunges unbroken and had to will myself to complete last round without stopping. I took me between 20 (1st round) and 30 (last round) seconds to complete lunges.

I didn’t kip knees to elbow to toes to bar to pull-up to chest to bar pull-up the first round, and I know not why. I made sure do at least attempt to do so for remaining rounds.

Not counting 20 lunges, I completed 32, 23, 22, 23, & 20 reps. I failed a C2B pull-up during last round; thus one of the reasons for decreased reps. Dammit.

Total = 220 reps


Row, Jump, Run

Metcon (Time)
Row 5K
500 double unders
Run 5K

I was joined by Angelina, Melinda, Fernando (who all chose to complete 3K row, 300 dus, and 3K run) and Jaclyn. This was truly an endurance workout, and I kept reminding myself to not break the workout into 3 sections but to consider it 1 event.

I wore my brand new Nike Flex running shoes.

I rowed consistently, focusing on strokes/minute and breathing. I had, however, rowed more than 1000m before I felt like I was controlling my breathing.

Time: 20:04.9
Average: 2:00.4/500m
Average s/m: 22
Meters | average/500m | average s/m
1000m | 4:00.5 | 2:00.2, 21
2000m | 4:05.2 | 2:02.6 | 21
3000m | 4:03.5 | 2:01.7 | 21
4000m | 4:03.8 | 2:01.9 | 22
5000m | 3:51.9 | 1:55.9 | 25

While not a time trial, I’m pleased with consistency of row. Yup, I also finished strong.

Double unders were a challenge to complete after having just rowed 5K. I completed in unbroken reps of as many as 60, and often completed at least 30 unbroken reps. I was sweating profusely. It took me 12 minutes to complete 500 double unders. That time did include hydrating as well as taking off and putting on my hat. I began the 5K run at 32:04.

My shoulders were aching and I kept shaking them out during the first 1000m run. The course was 500m out and back 5 times, with 2 lovely hills. I started off too slowly but did pick up the pace, completing the 5K in a very slooooooow 22:01. I did finish strong.

Total time = 54:05

Oh, how I love endurance workouts!


“Coach Marni”

Ah, the last day of programming by coaches other than yours truly. I attended the 8:30 session, led by Coach Deborah. We first worked on skills. I held strict vertical ring hold for 2:05. My grip gave. Dammit. I worked on headstand to handstand, including kipping. Good times, good times. Next up was the metcon.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10-min AMRAP
Odd# min | Max rep deadlifts @ 65% of 1RM
Even# min | Max rep hand release pushups
Rest 2 minutes
5-min AMRAP
30 sec | Max box jumps (24/20
30 sec | Max strict pull-ups

Marni programmed the 10-min AMRAP and I added the 5-min AMRAP. This was a tough but enjoyable workout!

I deadlifted 240# and completed 14 reps all but the second round when, for whatever reason, I only completed 13 reps. I was getting quite tired by the last round and told myself that I could stop when I completed 10 reps. I completed 10 reps and there was still 15 seconds left. Dammit. I kept going and completed the remaining 4. As I expected, I completed fewer HRPUs most subsequent round, completing 28, 25, 24, 21, & 21 reps. My sub-totals were 69 (DL) and 119 (HRPU).

I missed the very first box jump. Ha! I completed 17, 14 (I missed another rep), 16, 16, & 15 reps. Strict pull-ups were challenging, and I haven’t completed them in quite some time. I completed 6 the first and 5 the remaining rounds. My sub-totals were 78 (BJ) and 26 (PU).

Grand total = 292

I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow’s workout!

That's me closest to the garage door!
That’s me closest to the garage door!

“Coach Jennifer”

Yesterday was anything but a rest day, as I joined both the 7 am and 6:30 pm endurance athletes for hill repeats, completing 8, 200m intervals both sessions. Uhm, that’s 2 miles of hill repeats. Uhm, that’s also 2 miles of walking/jogging/running downhill. Uhm, that’s a hell of a lot of fun! I love hill repeats, I truly do. The fastest uphill was :42 and the fastest downhill was :32. Why is it that athletes always run their fastest intervals when I’m running with them? (I know the answer. ‘Tis a rhetorical question.)

I worked out at 9:30 this morning hoping against hope that Coach Jennifer would attend the session so that I could, you know, crush her like a bug. Sadly, she did not.

Having watched athletes from the 3 earlier sessions complete this workout, I was kinda sorta dreading it. While difficult, the workout wasn’t as challenging as I thought it was going to be.

Expect the worst? Why the hell not!

Metcon (Time)
10 hang cleans (95)
20 deadlifts (95)
8 HC
20 lateral bar hops
6 HC
10 hand release burpees

That’s 120 hang FULL SQUAT cleans, 200 deadlifts, 200 lateral bar hops, and 50 hand release burpees. I knew it would be unrealistic to set goal to complete hang cleans unbroken, but I thought it would be realistic to complete deadlifts, lateral bar hops, and hand release burpees unbroken. Too may hang cleans led to tightness in lower back and I was only able to complete first round of deadlifts in unbroken reps. WTF? I was, however, able to complete lateral bar hops and burpees unbroken.

Whilst completing the 8 reps HC of the first round I thought, “Just tap out.” I just wasn’t feeling it. I continued nonetheless.

As I began the second round I inexplicably and almost unknowingly began doing hang cleans one at a time. Deadlift the bar and stand to full extension, lower bar to power position. complete full squat clean, drop bar, and repeat. I also mistakenly completed 14 instead of 10 HCs — thinking that I had to do 20. Dammit. It was at that moment that I told myself that I had to string HCs together, i.e., return the bar to mid-thigh instead of dropping to the floor. I heard an occasional “Good job, Paul.” from Deborah. I could hardly hear her over my own grunting.

To the best of my recollection, I didn’t swear once. I do recall saying “Jennifer can suck my b@lls.”

I felt better as the workout progressed and I began to enjoy the workout by the third round.

The lateral bar hops were always a welcome relief but went by very quickly. The hand release burpees were also a welcome relief but also went by far too quickly.

Time = 23:44

Weighted Plank Hold (Weight)

To ensure accuracy, I weighed the sandbags prior to attempting plank hold. It appears that one of the 45# sandbags weighs 54#. Ha! Kevin was kind enough to not only place the sandbags on my back but to also do the math.

Weight = 156#

I was surprised by how easy it was to hold the plank. I may attempt 175# next week.

11167659_10152814151817196_6711300497610162571_o 10953372_10152814149197196_890158294575179983_o

“Jeff” & “Nolan”

I rested Monday and did not complete Coach Deborah’s workout. Perhaps I shall do so at a later date. I worked out with Julie yesterday during lunchtime and completed strength and Coach Jeff’s workout. ‘Twas fun! And tough.

Press (Complete 2 reps EMOTM for 10 minutes)
Begin @ 45 – 55% of 1RM and increase weight as form and execution improve.

I began at 85 and worked up to final set of 2 @ 125, more than 85% of bodyweight and 1RM. I very had to struggle to lock out the last rep, but lock it out I did.

Metcon (Time)
Burpee box jumps (24)
American KB swings (53)
Mountain climbers/leg
SDHP (115)
Wall ball shots (20 & 10)

Jeff informed me that he programmed many activities that he doesn’t like completing, e.g., burpee box jumps, wall ball shots, and heavy SDHPs. I was surprised by just how quickly I became — and remained — gassed. I had set a goal to complete all rounds of reps unbroken with the exception of SDHPs. Uhm, I was unable to come close to achieving this goal.

I did complete all rounds of burpee box jumps, KB swings, and grasshoppers unbroken. I completed round of 21 SDHPs and wall ball shots in reps of 11 & 10, and round of 15 SDHPs and wall ball shots in reps of 9 & 6. Dammit. I did complete last round of 9 reps of all activities in unbroken reps.

Time = 14:17

Coach Nick chose today’s workout. As his son’s name is Nolan it’s no wonder that this is what he chose!

Metcon (Time)
– 10 pull-ups
– 20 pushups
– 30 Abmat sit-ups
Run ladder of 200m, 400m, 800m, 1mile, 800m, 400m, & 200m

Begin with pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups and then run 200m. The 3 activities are then done between each and every run. Finish with 200m run.

I was very much looking forward to this workout, and it was a tremendous amount of fun! I set a goal to achieve all rounds of activities in unbroken reps, and I achieved this goal. Ten pull-ups, 20 pushups, and 30 Abmat sit-ups for a total of 70 pull-ups, 140 pushups, and 210 sit-ups. Oh, and 2.75 mile run.

Jaclyn, who may have pulled an abdominal muscle, was seated against the wall facing me. My lululemon running shorts were riding up my legs and she got quite a show. You’re welcome, Jaclyn.

Luke, as is often the case, was by my side when I was in the box. Good boy!

I intentionally didn’t look at the clock whilst working out. Upon completing half of the mile run Coach Nick yelled “Seventeen minutes.” I was feeling very strong and not at all winded, so I picked up the pace for all activities, including running. I finished in  32:29. That’s a negative split! I’d very much like to complete this workout again and attempt to improve my time.

10847399_10152810438567196_595380770095043418_o 11175040_10152809938042196_7286294506761238981_n

Eleven Tons

I worked out during Open Gym today. I’m surprisingly (some would say unsurprisingly) not sore just a day after the burpee mile. I treated today as active recovery, thus I didn’t lift heavy shit.

Metcon (Time)

– Deadlift (conventional or sumo) 7000
– Squat (BS, FS, OHS) 6000
– Ground to overhead (Snatch, C&J) 5000
– Shoulder to overhead (Press, push press, power jerk) 4000

At anytime complete the following:
10 rope climbs (or 5 legless rope climbs)
300 double unders
You may complete activities in any order, but one you begin an activity you must complete all reps. You may, however, complete double unders and/or rope climbs while doing so.

As I wasn’t lifting heavy shit I knew that the volume would be heavy. I lifted 135# for deadlift, 100# for squats, 85# for S2O, and a mere 65# for G2O. I had my cheat sheet nearby so as to keep track of reps, including double unders and rope climbs, and I kept a running count.

I began with G2O and complete clean & push presses, clean & jerks, and power snatches. As the weight was light I didn’t drop any of the reps form the top, i.e., I returned the bar to my shoulders, mid-thigh, and then the floor for cleans, and returned bar to mid-thigh and then floor for snatches. I completed in sets of 10, 10, 10, 11, and 11 for a total of 62 reps. Other than the transition from cleaning to snatching, reps were done unbroken.

I interspersed double unders throughouIMG_0099t the workout with a running count of 10, 31, 75, 102, 135, 165, 200, 240, 280, and 300. All sets were done in unbroken reps, i.e., when I failed an attempt I stopped doing double unders. Yup, that’s why I only began with 10 reps. As always, I began each set with a double under.

To give my arms and shoulders a rest I completed squats after G2O. If memory serves me I completed only 5 reps as front squats and the rest as high bar and low bar back squats. One hundred pounds was just the right weight. I completed in sets of 5, 10, 10, 10, 15, & 10 for 60 total reps.

Shoulder to overhead was next, and I completed most reps as power jerks but a few as push presses. I completed in sets of 10 10, 10, 10, 11, 6, & 5 for a total of 62 reps.

I also interspersed rope climbs throughout the workout and completed one at a time. The Nike Metcons are awesome, and I did all but one climb in two pulls.

I finished with deadlifts. I was exhausted and exceedingly sweaty by this time, and completed in reps of 5, 5, 25, 14, & 3. Uhm, I thought I had to complete 59 instead of 52 and was delighted to discover that I only had those last 3 instead of 10 reps.

I lifted 11 tons today, climbed the rope 10 times, and did 300 double unders. What about you?

Tomorrow is definitely going to be a day of rest.

I had a delightful lunch with Jeff, Thom, Evelyn, Courtney, Kathryn, and James. Scented candles. That is all.

Burpee Mile

I am going on the record as saying the Burpee Mile is more difficult than any marathon I’ve ever run. And it took me almost as much time to “run” one mile as it takes me to run 26.2 miles.

‘Twas Sarah Dodge’s idea to attempt the Burpee Mile, and she’s now my least favorite Dodge.

What’s the burpee mile? From a standing position, place hands beside feet and jump feet to plank. Ensure that chest and thighs touch the ground, jump feet to hands, and then complete a broad jump. Do this for 5,280 feet. I wore my “Every Dog has his Workout of the Day” CrossFit Surmount tee shirt, lululemon shorts, sweatband skull cap, batting gloves, and Nike long socks with Nike Metcons. I had purchased volleyball knee pads but decided at the last moment not to wear them. Good call. I did loan them to Sarah Dodge. Did I mention that she’s my least favorite Dodge? I even like the Dodge Dart more than I like Sarah Dodge.

Carin, Courtney, Doza, Jaclyn, and Karina joined Sarah and me, and our adventure began at 7 am near the White Oak Church entrance of the American Tobacco Trail. ‘Twas already 65 degrees and somewhat humid. We completed the workout in quarter mile intervals, i.e., up and back a quarter mile two times.

So that the start wouldn’t be crowded, Jaclyn, Doza, and I began first. I was certain that they’d stay by my side for at least the first quarter mile but I took and kept an early lead. I was somewhat surprised by how quickly I began to feel winded. I kept telling myself “Be a tortoise and not a hare. Slow and steady wins the race.” I completed the first quarter mile interval without stopping, although I occasionally glanced over my shoulder to make sure everyone was okay.

I counted burpees for the second quarter mile interval. Whilst I did occasionally pause to shake out my arms and legs I kept a steady pace. I completed 235 burpees. I completed the first half mile in about 1 hour and 3 minutes. Gah! That’s a slow half mile! I had become exceedingly thirsty so I drank about 16 oz. of sfh Recovery and was on my way. My thirst wasn’t the least bit quenched.

Mark Carter, the nice man that he is, paused while riding his bike to take snapshots of all of us. I was not only drenched by this time but was also covered in crushed gravel.

I decided to complete burpees in multiples of 5 and to rest for no longer than a count of 5. I seldom completed 5 and often completed 15 or 20 reps at a time. I began passing folks going in the other direction and I made sure to offer words of encouragement. Courtney, who really, really, really needed to pee, walked to the restrooms and I asked her to bring my two shaker bottles with her and set them on a bench. (Thanks, Courtney!)

My thirst truly was unquenchable, and even though I drank another 8 oz. I was exceedingly thirsty. Sarah, my least favorite Dodge, walked to the start to get her water and I asked her to bring one of my shaker bottles from the bench to me. (Thanks, Sarah!)

I was ecstatic when I finally saw the turnaround. Just a quarter mile to go. I continued to complete burpees in reps of 5. I got my second (or possibly third or fourth or fifth) wind and was completing reps nonstop. I thought, “That’s 25, you can do 5 more. that’s 30, you can do 5 more. That’s 35, you can do 5 more. You can make it to 50.” I completed the 40th rep and, even though my mind was convinced I could keep going, my body stopped. It was quite a surreal experience.

I eventually caught and passed Sarah and Carin. It become more and more challenging to complete reps, and I began completing just 5 at a time.

Courtney had indeed placed a shaker bottle on the bench, but it wasn’t my shaker bottle. And I didn’t care. I took off the lid and took a long swallow. I noticed that what appeared to be direct protein was stuck to the bottom of the bottle. Or at least that’s what I thought it was. Karina let me know that she didn’t use the shaker bottle to mix protein and that it was likely a kibble stuck to the bottom of the bottle. A kibble, you know, dog food.

I couldn’t recall how many burpees it took me to get from the bench to the finish my first go-around, but I had in my mind that it was 35.

I was so very, very wrong.

I completed 5 and thought, “Just 6 more sets of 5.” I completed another 5, and another and another. I’d look up after completing the broad jump and glance toward the finish. It was as if the finish line was moving farther away from me. Could it be that I was capable of altering time and space?

Doza, who completed a burpee half mile, was at the finish and I asked him to record me crossing the finish line. When I thought I was just 25 burpees away I determined that I wouldn’t rest until I crossed the finish line. Karina, who was completing a burpee half mile, was in front of me. I also determined that I would catch and pass her. She could hear me catching up with her so she picked up the pace. Dammit. I did pass her with just 2 burpees remaining. Yay for me! Dammit if you’re Karina.

Uhm, it took me 50 burpees to finally cross the finish line. For one brief moment I thought I was going to puke. I did not. Whew. Close call.

Time = 2:22:44

Yup, it took me that long to complete.

There were quite a few folks running, walking, and biking on the ATT this morning, and many offered encouragement. Quite a few also wanted to carry on a conversation regarding what I was doing. Uhm, it’s a burpee mile. Uhm, I’m winded enough as it is and I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to explain it to you. Uhm, it’s not too difficult to figure out yourself.

Three different people asked, “What are you training for?” Uhm, for life. I’m training for life.

Jaclyn did indeed complete the entire mile! I know that the rest wanted to do so but ran out of time. I honestly didn’t think it would take so long to complete.


  1. Position hydration along the course, as going an hour without hydration leads to (you guessed it) dehydration.
  2. Position nutrition along the course. I was craving orange slices. (Actual oranges not gumdrops.)
  3. Complete on a 1-mile course, i.e., not in quarter mile intervals or an out and back.
  4. Begin earlier in the day.

I incurred no injuries and, a mere 5 hours later, feel fine. The mile recovery walk with Luke, once again on the ATT, helped.

And now some math. This could get ugly.

235 (burpees completed in quarter mile) x 4 = 940 burpees
5280 (feet in a mile) ÷ 940 = 5.6

As I’m 5’6.5″ on average I broad jumped my height.

I did indeed complete each and every burpee as prescribed, even going so far as to glance at my feet to ensure that I landed where I took off. I also always jumped both feet back to plank.

As I stated earlier, this was more difficult than i could’ve ever possibly imagined.

I can’t wait to do it again.

The start!
The start!
The finish!
The finish!


Me, just after crossing the finish line.
Me, just after crossing the finish line.


I worked out at 6 this morning, and the session was led by Coach Nick!

Zimmerman (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
25-Minute AMRAP of: 
11 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups 
2 Deadlifts, 315# 
10 Handstand Push-ups

In honor of U.S. Marine Corps First Lieutenant James R. Zimmerman, 25, of Aroostook, Maine, died on November 2, 2010
To learn more about Zimmerman click here.

Hero WODs are never easy.

My goal was to complete all C2B pull-ups in unbroken reps and to have no failed attempts for any of the three activities. I knew that in order to achieve this goal I would have to remain focused and to work at a steady pace.

This was a very loooooong 25 minutes.

Uhm, I lost focus for one brief moment at the start of the 3rd round and my chest didn’t touch the bar. Dammit. I did, however, complete 11 unbroken reps. Did I achieve my goal? Uhm, nope, because I failed the first rep even though I did complete 11 unbroken C2B pull-ups.

Chest to bar pull-ups presented little challenge, HSPUs became challenging as the workout progressed, and deadlifts were difficult from start to finish. I was deadlifting 85% of 1RM and 220% of bodyweight. I set my weightlifting belt over the barbell so that I’d remember to wear it for deadlifts.

The barbell was set up in front of the pull-up bar. It was as if the barbell was taunting me as I was completing pull-ups. As I was facing the barbell whilst completing HSPUs I felt as if the bar continued to taunt me. At the beginning of the 6th or 7th round I actually thought that I wouldn’t be able to deadlift the bar. Yup, I thought that. Fortunately I was able to complete all reps.

I completed the first round of HSPUs in unbroken reps and completed many of the rounds in unbroken reps of 6 & 4. By the last round I found it necessary to complete the last 3 reps as singles, as I didn’t want any failed attempts.

I had completed 8 rounds with a minute remaining. I quickly completed 11 pull-ups. I quickly dropped from the bar and completed a deadlift, but I didn’t stop to put on my weightlifting belt. The lift didn’t feel all that wonderful so even though there were 5 seconds remaining, i.e., enough time for another lift, I didn’t attempt.

I’m smart like that.

Total = 8 rounds + 12 reps
99 C2B pull-ups
17 315# deadlifts
80 HSPUs



I worked out at 6 am yesterday (Monday, April 14). As planned, I focused on strength and took it easy for conditioning. ‘Twas a fun morning!

Front Squat (5 reps @ 60, 65, and max reps @ 70% of 1RM)

I completed sets at 140, 150, & 10 reps @ 160#. I love front squats.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
14-min AMRAP
– 3 muscle ups
– 7/side hip touches
– 7/leg walking overhead lunges (45)
– 30-second side plank hold/side (1 min total)

Yay, muscle ups! My goal was to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, and that’s what I did. I also made sure to sing, encourage others, and provide Coach Nick suggestions for completing hip touches. I was 10 seconds shy of completing 5 total rounds; thus my score was 4 rounds + 36 reps (each 10 seconds of a plank hold was worth 1 rep).

I worked out at 11:45 today (Tuesday, April 14). It’s getting hot and humid in NC!

Bench Press (3×10)
Complete 3 sets of 10 unbroken reps. Begin @ 45-55% of 1RM and increase weight for remaining 2 sets if possible. 

I completed sets @ 105, 120, & 140#. Whilst I don’t much care for the bench press, I enjoyed the lift today.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
10-min AMRAP
1, 2, 3… Power snatches (95/63)
10, 20, 30… Double unders

I thought that this was going to be miserable, and I was happy that the workout was so much fun! I completed all power snatches as singles and dropped each rep from the top. Shit got heavy. I completed rounds of 10, 20, 30, & 40 double unders in unbroken reps. I completed round of 50 in reps of 25, round of 60 in reps of 30, and round of 70 in reps of 40, 20, & 10. I had completed 8th power snatch with 15 seconds remaining on the clock. I mistakenly ran to jump rope and got tangled up. Twice. Dammit. And dammit. I only managed to complete 1 double under. Dammit. My total score was 317.

Weighted Plank Hold (Weight)

I attempted plank hold with 100# DB on my back, but it hurt. I instead had Coach Deborah place 3, 45# sandbags on my back. ‘Twas quite difficult to hold for the minute, but hold for the minute I did! Next week I shall hold bodyweight plank hold. I shall.