Deck of Cards

I ran well over 10k yesterday, having coached the 7 am and 6:30 pm Endurance sessions. I love coaching running!

I attended the 11:45 am session today, led by Coach Marni.

Metcon (Time)

Deck of Cards
♥ | Ground to overhead (75)
♦ | Weighted air squat (45)
♣ | Ring row (20)
♠ | SDHP
Joker | Run 400m

I ensured that there were 4 Jokers in the deck so that folks would have to run a mile. I’m just that nice. We  began with quite a few G2O. I both snaIMG_8792tched and power cleaned and push pressed. In order from least to most challenging: running, weighted air squats, ring rows, SDHPs, and G2O. While I enjoy working out with others I must admit that I’m often oblivious to much of what happens around me. I did, however, notice that Janet and I began neck and neck (as she snatched and I clean & jerked). I then noticed that she completed air squats without holding the plate. I felt somewhat bad for reminding her to do so. I did encourage folks during the 400m runs.

I surprised myself by completing all rounds of air squats and SDHPs unbroken and quite a few rounds of ring rows unbroken, including the rounds of 10 reps.

Time = 31:40.

That was a reasonably tough workout, but certainly not nearly as difficult as “Luce”. We posed for a group picture, and Luke and Stevie joined us!


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