Row, Jump, Run

Metcon (Time)
Row 5K
500 double unders
Run 5K

I was joined by Angelina, Melinda, Fernando (who all chose to complete 3K row, 300 dus, and 3K run) and Jaclyn. This was truly an endurance workout, and I kept reminding myself to not break the workout into 3 sections but to consider it 1 event.

I wore my brand new Nike Flex running shoes.

I rowed consistently, focusing on strokes/minute and breathing. I had, however, rowed more than 1000m before I felt like I was controlling my breathing.

Time: 20:04.9
Average: 2:00.4/500m
Average s/m: 22
Meters | average/500m | average s/m
1000m | 4:00.5 | 2:00.2, 21
2000m | 4:05.2 | 2:02.6 | 21
3000m | 4:03.5 | 2:01.7 | 21
4000m | 4:03.8 | 2:01.9 | 22
5000m | 3:51.9 | 1:55.9 | 25

While not a time trial, I’m pleased with consistency of row. Yup, I also finished strong.

Double unders were a challenge to complete after having just rowed 5K. I completed in unbroken reps of as many as 60, and often completed at least 30 unbroken reps. I was sweating profusely. It took me 12 minutes to complete 500 double unders. That time did include hydrating as well as taking off and putting on my hat. I began the 5K run at 32:04.

My shoulders were aching and I kept shaking them out during the first 1000m run. The course was 500m out and back 5 times, with 2 lovely hills. I started off too slowly but did pick up the pace, completing the 5K in a very slooooooow 22:01. I did finish strong.

Total time = 54:05

Oh, how I love endurance workouts!


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