That’d be 275 reps

Uhm, Evelyn was the only person to attend the 8:30 session. The weather is stunning, so perhaps folks went for an early morning walk or run. It could also be that folks were up late watching some kind of fight. I joined Evelyn for the workout, as I surely trust that she has proper form and execution and she counts all of her reps.

Metcon (Time)

Complete 25 reps of each of the activities in the order listed:

1. OHS
2. Handstand pushup
3. Clean
4. Muscle up
5. Deadlift
– Complete ALL lifts @ 65% of 1RM
– Complete 11 double unders each time you complete 5 reps

That’d be 95# OHS, 105# cleans, and 240# deadlifts for this spectacular individual.

I completed 10 full squats cleans at 105# yesterday, so what’s another 25? I also completed 19 strict HSPUs yesterda, so what’s another 25? Gah!

I completed the majority of rounds of double unders in 11 unbroken reps. Yup, I did that.

OHS went better than expected. I always say to myself “Ass to heels.” I didn’t break parallel before rising for the second rep of the second round, but I didn’t drop the bar during any of the rounds. Yay!

I often dropped the bar from the top for cleans and always dropped the bar from the top for deadlifts. I also wore weightlifting belt for deadlifts. That also meant that I wore belt for last 5 rounds of double unders.

I completed 1st round of HSPUs in strict and unbroken reps. I know not why. I didn’t complete any of the remaining rounds in unbroken reps, and that’s to be expected, you know, since I completed HSPUs yesterday and had just completed OHS.

I had completed 4 unbroken muscle ups the first round but my sweaty hands slipped off of the rings for the last rep. Dammit. I completed 2nd round in unbroken reps of 3 and 2, 3rd round in 4 unbroken reps and a single, 4th round in unbroken reps of 3 and 2, and last round in unbroken reps of 3 and then 2 singles. i was getting quite exhausted.

Deadlifts felt heavy, and as I already mentioned I dropped each and every rep from the top. I was delighted when I finished last rep. I was even more delighted when I completed 11th double under of very last round.

Time = 32:58

What made this workout so challenging was the limited time for recovery. Even though I was completing just 11 double unders at a time, my heart rate would quickly increase. This made lifting, HSPUs, and MUs that much more challenging.


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