Ninja Challenge

I had the honor and pleasure of joining Jeff, Kelsey, and Kathryn as Team CrossFit Surmount 1. Our number one goal was have fun, and, while I can’t speak for the others I can unequivocally state that I had a tremendous amount of fun!

The Ninja Challenge was a mere 5K with about a dozen obstacles, some of them far less challenging than others. See what I said there? I said “less” not “more” challenging, as none of the obstacles were all that challenging. Where’s a salmon ladder when you need one?

I honestly can’t recall the order of the obstacles other than the first (bear crawl) and last (vertical wall). Other obstacles included a rope climb, throwing a ball weighted with water over a bar, a wall “rock” climb,” a balance beam walk, jumping into a very cold pool of water, a rope net climb, and running over floating boards.

Speaking of running, that was by far the easiest part of the course. Uhm, I did see many people struggling whilst running, as the course was rather hilly. I love running uphill almost as much as I love running downhill.

I kept a promise I made to myself in that I left no woman or man behind. I would occasionally run ahead of the team but would always wait for all of us to rejoin. I also sang, ran backwards, skipped, held Kelsey’s hand and pulled her up a couple of hills, and rescue carried her across the finish. Ha!

My favorite obstacle was running across the floating boards. I felt as light as air! I also enjoyed the rope climb, as I climbed it legless. Yup, I did that.

We crossed the finish line in a time of 42:52. That’s a slow 5K.

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