Lurong Summertime Challenge Benchmark WOD

Okay, I’ll admit it: I find it increasingly difficult to get excited about the Challenge knowing that I’ll begin as one of the leader’s in the Male Masters+ category only to see my ranking plummet as weight lose is factored into the calculation. I weight 143 =/- 2 pounds on any given day.

And I’m happy with that.

I am committed during this, my 3rd challenge, to eat Paleo for a minimum of 90% of meals and to not drink alcohol. Yup, you read that correctly. I won’t be drinking beer. Gah!

I completed the workout yesterday morning with the 6 am athletes.

Summertime Challenge Benchmark 

A. 5-min AMRAP (Level III)
– 5 Box jump overs (30)
– 10 Toes to bar 

Rest exactly 3 minutes before completing B
B. 3-min AMRAP (Level II)
Squat clean thrusters (95)

Uhm, I just didn’t put my all into it. There, I said it. I completed the first 2 rounds of T2B unbroken, the 3rd round in unbroken reps of 7 & 3, and the last 3 rounds in many, many singles. (As a quick aside, I saw many struggle much more than did I yet post higher scores. It’s funny how that happens.) I completed 3 T2B shy of 6 rounds for a total of 87 reps. Whilst not too shabby I’m quite confident that my score will improve when I re-test.

Squat clean thrusters went much better than expected, and I completed all beginning with a full squat clean (i.e., not a power clean and a front squat). Something very strange happened in that I recall securing the left barbell clip on at least 2 occasions but I don’t recall ever securing the clip on the right. I suppose it’s not always a good thing to be so right-brained. (Don’t argue with me on this, as the right brain controls the left side of the body.) With about 15 seconds remaining I completed my 22nd rep, and as I did so I felt the right plate begin to slide off of the barbell. I didn’t have time to secure the plate and clip and complete another rep, although I could’ve easily completed another rep.

Dammitdammitdammitdammitdammit. I completed 22 reps.

I’m currently ranked #1 for Part A in my division, with the next individual 42 reps behind. This may change as athletes often redo the workouts. Rest assured that I’m not going to. I’m also currently ranked #1 in my division, but as the next individual is just 1 rep behind this ranking is very likely to change. IMG_2799

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