Game of Thrones. Wow. Just, wow.

I attended the 6am session at CrossFit Sterling. The box is very nice, although difficult to find with Google maps.

Coach Rick, the co-owner, led the session, and there were eight in attendance. We got a late start.

The session started with a group warm up. Yup, a mini metcon.

3 rounds
Bird dog x 10 r/l
Waiter’s walk x 25m r/
Tempo pull-up 1-2-3

I took it easy so as to not appear like a showoff. Or a dick. I was somewhat successful in not appearing like a showoff. I was less successful in not appearing like a dick, as I had completed the 3 rounds while many were on second round. I did like tempo pull-up: 1 second to pull-chin above the bar, 2-second hold with chin above the bar, and 3-second negative. No bands for me. I used 35# KB for first and 44# for remaining rounds of waiter’s walk.

Run 600+m
15-12-9 heavy KB swings

Uhm, running, KB swings, and burpees? I don’t mind if I do. I used a 62# KB. I am surprised by how good my legs feel just two days after that grueling half marathon. I took an early lead and was the first to finish. Coach Rick was complimentary. I completed the workout in 9:12.

The session closed with ab work. Uhm, not much work for yours truly. Yet again I my have appeared to be a showoff. And a dick. I was able to complete all of the assigned tasks as others struggled to do so. The session ended 10 minutes early.

I did get a tee shirt.

I attend Situational Leadership training from 8 to 5. It was all I could do to not punch some folks in the throat. Pen clicking, knuckle cracking, gum popping. Gah! I really needed another (more challenging) workout, so I attended the 6:30pm session at CrossFit Verity.

The box reminds me of CFS in that it’s in an commercial park and the members are very friendly. CFV also has Wodify!

Coach Scott, one of the two co-owners, warmly greeted me at the door, as we had exchanged messages earlier in the day. We also exchanged tee shirts as I had brought some CFS tee shirts with me, you know, just in case.

Coach Jim led the session. I very much like his style!

4×3 front squats @ 75-80% of 1RM
3 high box jumps

A young man name Chad offered to share a bar. (CFSers, we have many, many more squat racks that most boxes.) I lifted 175 and jumped 36″. Lifts felt great as did jumps.

21-15-9 front squats (from the floor) & double lateral burpees over the bar

The prescribed weight was 155#. In retrospect I probably should’ve gone that heavy. I instead settled on 135.

How did I know that I should’ve gone heavier? Because I finished the first 21 reps without dropping the bar and by resting only a few times with the bar on my shoulders. I was the first to finish front squats. Yet again I didn’t want to seem like a showoff or a dick, so I took my time with burpees.

But I can only do burpees so slowly.

Uhm, Chad glanced my way more than once. He was also lifting 135# and by the look on his face he was upset that I was, well, beating him.

I completed the round of 15 front squats in reps of 9 & 6 and the round of 9 in reps of 5 and 4. The last 4 reps felt heavy. Very heavy. I finished in a time of 9:23. Yup, I was the first to call time.

I’ll be visiting Verity again very soon!


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