No Rest in Reston

I made it through day two of Situational Leadership training. I was generally well behaved. I continue to be discouraged and disillusioned by the rude behaviors of others. The knuckle cracking, gum popping, and pen clicking continued today, as did the poor table manners. Here’s a simple rule to follow: eat with your mouth closed.

Training ended at 4, so this allowed ample time to travel to CrossFit Reston. While not as close as some of the other boxes, the workout looked interesting.

I entered the box, many people looked at me, and not a single person approached me. I finally asked a group of people to tell me who the coach was. “He’s probably in the office.” I peeked into the office, introduced myself, and was warmly greeted by the bare-footed Buzz, the coach of the session.

Buzz was very friendly. I signed the waiver and purchased a tee shirt.

There were 18 in attendance. The session began and Buzz led us through mobility. Uhm, I wasn’t introduced. Uhm, I didn’t feel very welcome.

After the warmup, Buzz said, “Those of you have pull-ups can establish maximum height box jump.” Gah! Too many high box jumps as of late. I jumped 37.5″ and called it a day. And then stood around and waited for the metcon to start. (I continue to see athletes take run and then leap onto the box. I’d call that a no rep.)

We were asked to set up rings if we were doing muscle ups. I selected a pair. No movement standards were discussed or demonstrated. Coach Buzz announced that someone would have to complete 111 reps Rx to post the highest score. Folks gasped. I did not.


With a 15 minute clock running:

0 to 5 min:

  • 400m Run
  • Max Muscle Ups with remaining time

5 to 10 min:

  • 400m Run
  • Max C2B Pull-ups with remaining time

10 to 15 min:

  • 400m Run
  • Max Pull-ups with remaining time

Running? I don’t mind if I do! I made sure to ask what the 400m course was before the workout started. I may not always be the fastest but I’m often, well, one of the fastest.

I was most certainly the fastest today. I took an early lead and kept that lead for the first 400m. And the second 400m. And the final 400m. Each time I entered the box Coach Buzz would compliment me. (As with most boxes, not coaching was provided during running.)

My station for muscle ups and pull-ups was the farthest away from the entrance, i.e., start and finish, of the box. The rings were a good 50m from the entrance, so I continued to run once I entered the box. I completed 17 muscles up. Coach Buzz made sure to ask me how many I finished as I was starting the second run!

My running count at the end of the chest to bar pull-ups was 67; thus 50 chest to bar pull-ups. Coach Buzz approached me, complimented my pull-ups, and said, “It looks like you’re going to complete more than 110 reps.” I said, “Not very likely.”

I reached 111 reps with 30 seconds remaining and completed an additional 6 reps for a total of 118, Rx. That’s 68 pull-ups.

And then folks wanted to talk with me. I received more fist bumps then, well, I think I’ve ever received. I finally discovered that members were quite friendly. Coach Buzz invited me to visit anytime. And I might very well do that.

Coach Buzz said, “I was surprised that you didn’t do butterfly pull-ups?” I wanted to say, “Uhm, did I need to? Would my socre have been any higher?” I did not.

Yes, I can do butterfly pull-ups. Given that I’ll be competing this Saturday I thought it best to not f@ck up my shoulders. Okay? Okay.


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