No Burn in Ashburn

There are many boxes around the Sterling, VA area, and I’ve been selecting the box to visit based upon the programmed workout. Uhm, no more high box jumps, please.

I arrived at Ashburn CrossFit 20 minutes before the start of the 9 am session, and was immediately and warmly greeted by Lee and Janice (aka JJ), the  co-owners of the box. When I informed Lee that I was also a owner of a box he waived the drop-in fee. Unfortunately, they ran out of size medium tee shirts. Next time!

Lee, JJ, and I spent the next 20 minutes in deep conversation about what it’s like to be a box owner. ACF has been open about six months, and it’s a relatively small box. It is well equipped and, as you’ll read, the coaching is very good. Oh, and the members are nice, too!

There were six in attendance, including yours truly. We warmed up with an easy run around the box three times. No matter how slowly I run (and I really ran slowly) I’m usually the fastest runner. Today was no exception. We then did pass throughs, OHS, and inch worms.

Next up was a pull-up progression. Uhm, more pull-ups. I choose level 16 (if I recall), the highest level. I completed 10-7-7-6-5 strict pull-ups. ACF has a Speal bar. Yay!

The skill was headstands, handstands, and handstand walking, and Lee gave me some good tips on spotting while walking on my hands.

100 double unders
20 KB swings (53#)
10 burpees

Lee led the group through a double under progression. Yup, we began with single unders. I warned him about my weird du style and also warned the group about my grunting and occasional swearing.

Lee reviewed all movement standards. Yay! That’s what a good coach always does.

I completed 85 unbroken dus the first round. Not bad. I completed as many as 30 unbroken dus and only as few as 20 the remaining 2 rounds. Again, not bad. Or should I say “good”?

I completed unbroken KB swings the first and second round and in reps of 10 the last round. The KBs had slick handles and I had a difficult time keeping my grip, even with chalked hands.

Burpees are never a challenge, and today was no exception. I love burpees. You may not know that. (If this is the first entry you’ve read.)

I completed the workout as prescribed in 10:31. I said “shit” just one time and truly limited my grunting. ‘Twas such a quiet class.

Lee, JJ, and I continued our conversation and had our picture taken.

I felt right at home at Ashburn CrossFit!

JJ, Paul, and Lee
JJ, Paul, and Lee

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