Summertime Challenge Reloaded

Less than 24 hours before completing the first of yesterday’s four events, I re-did the Lurong Benchmark Summertime Challenge. I completed this workout five weeks ago with scores of 67 and 22. I did not, however, look up previous scores prior to completing the workout today as I suspected that I might not be able to match, let alone beat, previous scores.

A. 5-min AMRAP (Level III)
– 5 Box jump overs (30)
– 10 Toes to bar 

Rest exactly 3 minutes before completing B
B. 3-min AMRAP (Level II)
Squat clean thrusters (95)

My legs were a little tired. I wonder why? I came this close to missing the 5th rep of the first set of box jumps. I completed the first 4 rounds of 10 T2B in unbroken reps but was completing as singles the last round. I was bringing my toes to the bar for the 10th rep of round 6 when the timer sounded. Dammit. Just 1 rep shy of 6 rounds for a total of 89 reps.

My strategy was to work steadily on thrusters, as my legs are still tired from yesterday’s front squats. I completed 9 the first minute and 24 total. That’s steady work, ladies and gentlemen.

I was quite pleased with performance. No exclamation point necessary.

Post-Event pic!
Post-Event pic!

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