A 5-day Bug.

What a miserable week it has been! But first, a couple of workouts to report.

Monday, June 15

I wasn’t the least bit interested in squatting. True story. I completed the programmed metcon and substituted handstand pushups for back squats. The workout was tough nonetheless.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 handstand pushups & burpee + 2 lateral parallette hops

That’s 55 HSPUs and burpees. I began by completing 10 strict HSPUs. As I often say, I know not why. I completed the workout in 14:08.

Tuesday, June 16

Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds
Complete 3 TNG power cleans
Begin @ 50 – 65% of 1RM and increase weight as form and execution improve.

You may NOT complete full squat clean for any of the reps. You may NOT release your hands from the bar while completing 3 reps and must bring the bar to mid-thigh and then floor for final rep.

This was fun! I began at 95 and worked up to 155. I completed 2 reps @ 160 but the bar flew out of my hands on the last rep. Literally. Well, not literally, but I’ve heard that word so frequently as of late that I’m compelled to use it. This won’t happen again.

12-min Tabata
Alternate through 3 activities:
Double unders
Back extensions
Score = total reps, i.e., this is not a true tabata

I began count with double unders; thus, I counted 8 rounds. ‘Twas hot in the box. I set aside a gym mat for V-ups and Luke immediately claimed it as his own. Yup, I set up another gym mat. This did mean, however, that I had to hop over him when I completed V-ups in order to get to Abmat for back extensions. I’d estimate that I completed 20 V-ups and back extensions each round. I completed as many as 39 double unders. My scores for rounds were 63, 75, 74, 73, 66 (missed double unders), 68, 70, & 69 for a total of 560. Unless I did the math wrong. I’m not checking. You may do so.

I began to feel out of sorts as I was coaching the endurance athletes Tuesday night. My friend Jason used to say, whenever he experienced diarrhea, that he was “pissing out of my ass.” Suffice it to say that I was pissing out of my ass from Tuesday evening until Friday evening. TMI? Perhaps. Nick and Deborah were kind enough to cover my Wednesday morning sessions. I slept until 11 and, as it’s worked in the past, I mistakenly thought that I had slept off my illness. No such luck.

I nonetheless traveled to NYC Wednesday night and trained from 8 until 3 on Thursday and 8 until 2 on Friday. I was originally scheduled for a 6:30 pm flight Friday evening but got on an earlier flight that was scheduled to leave NYC at 4:30.

And left NYC at 6:45. Dammit.

I had had enough, and I visited FastMed 8 o’clock Saturday morning. The PA, Eric, checked for any abnormalities and fortunately found none. His advice? Let it run its course. This meant shredding the inner lining of my intestines. Again, TMI? A urinalysis was also performed and all results were negative. And that’s positive. It was Saturday (yesterday) evening before I was able to even think about eating anything. Rice. And rotisserie chicken. With no seasoning.

Sunday, June 21

I woke up this morning and felt “solid.” Get it? Solid? Think about it for a moment. Good, you got it.

I decided to test how I felt, as it had been 4 days since I last worked out. I jumped on the scale and wasn’t surprised that I weighed 139 pounds. Gah! I lost about a pound a day.

10-min AMRAP
2 15′ rope climbs
10 ring dips
20 GHD sit-ups

Perhaps the sit-ups weren’t the best idea. I completed exactly 10 rounds. While not spectacular, I was pleased with performance.

I coached the 11 am session, went home, changed into running shorts and running shoes, and headed to the American Tobacco Trail. I really, really, really wanted to try my hand (and legs) at Capoot.

Capoot (Time)
For Time:
100 push-ups
Run 800 meters
75 push-ups
Run 1,200 meters
50 push-ups
Run 1,600 meters
25 push-ups
Run 2,000 meters

In honor of Officer James Lowell Capoot, of the Vallejo Police Department, died Nov. 17, 2011, in the line of duty. To learn more about Capoot click here

I wore my batting globes (see the Burpee Mile) and took a water bottle with me as well. So that I didn’t need a cheat sheet I thought of the running in intervals of 1/4 mile, i.e., 400m. I told myself, “One hundred pushups, 2 times, 75 pushups, 3 times, 50 pushups, 4 times, 25 pushups, 5 times.” It worked! I’m just that smart.

My goal was to complete in less than 40 minutes.

I began by completing 25 pushups. I completed no less than 5 reps at any time. Whilst I normally stretch in child’s pose this was difficult to do on the gravel, so I would instead jump my feet to my hands and stretch out my arms and shoulders. While not ideal, it worked. I ran without stopping each and every interval. As it was 95 degrees, this alone was an accomplishment. I completed the last round of 25 pushups unbroken. It appears that the mile run prior to doing so was enough time for my arms and shoulders to recover. I also sprinted the last 200m, breathing every other step. I finished in 39:11. Yay! I needed that. I really, really, really needed that.


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