Two Metcons means Twice the Fun!

I’m feeling much better, and my appetite is finally returning. Yay! I was wide awake at 4 this morning. I attended the 6 am session but did not complete hang cleans. I did, however, join the the athletes for the metcon, and Holly was very happy that I did so. (You’re welcome, Holly!)

Min 0-4 | Run 400m and complete max rep pull-ups
Min 4-8 | Run 400m and complete max rep toes to bar
Min 8-12 | Run 400m and complete max rep walking OH lunges (45/35)
Rx+ complete muscle ups, strict toes to bar, lunges @ 65/53

This was somewhat similar to the workout I did at CrossFit Reston. Only better. I completed Rx+.

I ran the first 400 in a slow :85. Uhm, I ran 3.5 miles yesterday afternoon. I completed a mere 11 muscle ups. Uhm, I completed 250 pushups yesterday afternoon.

I ran the second 400 in :80, and completed 26 strict toes through rings. TTR were tough! I ensured that the rings remained still and that all reps were indeed strict.

I ran the last 400 in under :80 and completed 29 walking overhead lunges. I made an amateur mistake of attempting a 180 turn whilst holding the bar locked out overhead.

Total = 66 reps

I coached the 6 and 8:30 am sessions and observed with the 9:30 session. Laurie brought her son, Adam. He’s a cutie! I asked her if I could push Adam in his stroller and complete the workout again.

Yup, the 200s were slower if for no other reason than the front well of the stroller kept getting stuck, you know, like a very annoying shopping cart. Luke also decided to run with us the first round. Good dog! I completed 26 ring pull-ups, 33 toes through rings, and 18 lunges @ 75#.

Total = 77 reps

It’s hot outside; thus, I don’t bitch about it being hot outside.


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