Inside Out!

Jeff and I discussed what CrossFit we wanted to visit on this 4th of July, as he has torn hands and didn’t want a workout that involved pull-ups. Reignited and Port City were both closed, and pull-ups were programmed at Wilmington and Leland. I contacted Inside Out via email early this morning but hadn’t received a response. We decided to chance it, as the box is just 10 minutes from the condo.

We were warmly greeted by Coaches Nick and Andrea and the drop in fee was waived. Everyone we met was very friendly and most everyone approached us and introduced themselves. And that’s how it should be, folks.

The space is nice and the equipment well organized. I noticed an assault bike and a couple of rowers as well as a jerk box, barbells, plates, wall balls, etc.

I didn’t, however, like the warm up: 2 rounds of 200m run, 10 pass throughs, 8 inch worms, 6 ring rows, and 4 back extensions. Those who know me know that I like a structured, meaningful, and coach-led warm up.

Inside Out uses Wodify but the workout wasn’t posted. I asked Nick and he said that they like to make up the workout for Saturday once they see who attends. Well, okay then. The workout was written on a whiteboard.

We were then informed that it was going to be a team workout, and Coach Nick asked Jeff and me if we’d like to work tighter. Hells to the yeses! We were teamed with Angie and M-something or other. Gah! I’m so bad with names. Movement standards were briefly discussed.

4 rounds for time:
25 power cleans (115/75)
30 box jumps (24/20)
35 burpees
40 air squats
One partner runs 200m carrying sandbag (20/15) 

I began with run. Uhm, that was easy. All in all I’d estimate that I completed about 20 power cleans, 60 box jumps, 75 burpees, and 90 air squats. I know that I ran 4 times. We were the first team to finish in a time of 16:59. Afterwards Angie and M-something let us know that they were tired from the workout they completed yesterday, and they were hoping that the deck would be stacked in their favor. They were delighted to be teamed with Jeff and me.

We were then informed that there was going to be a cash out and that the class would be divided into two teams of 8. Jeff was on team 1 with Angie and M-something and I was on Team 2. Dammit. With only 3 people working at a time, we pushed Coach Nick’s BA Truck around the building, roughly 450m. Jeff’s team did so in 4:14. I pushed 75% of the time, including the long uphill stretch, and we finished in 4:04.

Yup, I was the only person to be on both of the winning teams.

A fun workout, a great team, and a good box. A very nice way to spend our morning.

I'm camera shy
I’m camera shy
Post-WOD selfie with Angie, M-something, me, and Jeff
Post-WOD selfie with Angie, M-something, me, and Jeff
Coach Nick
Coach Nick

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