This is just but one of my favorite things. And one of my least favorite things. Like, ever.

I coached Endurance yesterday evening. As the athletes were gathering I mentioned to Jaclyn that I’d really like to do the workout. She replied, “Just do it with us.” I said, “I’m not that kind of coach. I need to be watching and coaching all of you, and not merely working out.”

I think Jaclyn wanted to have someone to race. Ha!

As Jeff was busy with the Barbell Club until 8 and Endurance ended at 7:30, I completed the workout solo. Mike and Anthony were kind enough to help return some the equipment and Mike even stayed to the end to cheer for me. Yay!

800m sandbag carry (45)
600m wall ball carry (20)
400m plate carry (45)
200m farmer’s carry (44)

100m shuttles sprints, e.g., 100m up and back 4 times for 800m sandbag carry.
Rest exactly 1 minute after completing activity and then run same distance, e.g., run 800m after sandbag carry.
Rest 1 minute before completing next activity.
Activities may be completed in any order.

I really need a coach, as I got a little discombobulated. Read on.

I decided to complete farmer’s, wall ball, plate, and sandbag carries in that order, as I knew farmer’s carry would be difficult with sweaty hands and that sandbag carry, even though the distance was the farthest, would be the easiest.

I might have been wrong about that last assumption.

I easily completed KB farmer’s carry, rested 1 minute, and ran 200 meters. A rested another minute I then completed 600m wall ball carry. I rested a minute and may or may not have sprinted 600 meters. I honestly can’t recall! I do know that I completed plate carry, rested one minute, and then began sandbag carry, i.e., I didn’t sprint 600 meters. I dropped the sandbag 50 meters into run and sprinted remaining 350 meters. I rested a minute and, as I couldn’t recall if I had sprinted 600 meters (honestly!) I did just that. I then rested a minute, sprinted 800 meters carrying sandbag on my shoulders. I rested a minute and sprinted 800m. I finished strong!

I didn’t set down any of the equipment whilst running nor did I rest whilst running. The hardest part was carrying the plate. I did so carrying it overhead, behind my neck, on my shoulders, and under my arms. The farmer’s carry and med ball carry were the easiest, but the sandbag carry was surprisingly difficult. The snaps on the the bag kept digging into my shoulders! I now have scabs on the top of both shoulders.

My time was 25:37. That may include an extra minute of rest and an additional 600 meter run. Oh, well, I still crushed Jaclyn, and that’s all that really matters.

I worked out with the lunchtime crew today. Let me once again say that I loathe thrusters. That doesn’t mean that I don’t program them.

Begin @ 65% of 1RM & increase weight by 10# (if deadlift 200# or greater) or 5 to 7.5# (if deadlift <200#)

I began with 245 and completed last rep @ 375, my current 1RM. The lift felt light! I wasn’t able to get 385 off of the ground, but I’m quite confident that, when the day once again comes to test deadlift 1RM, that I’ll be able to lift at least 380. That’s heavy, yo. As it was I deadlifted 262% of my body weight.

Metcon (Time)
45 reps
Burpee + jump over + thruster (95)

I love burpees. I hate thrusters. My strategy was to work at a steady pace and that’s just what I did.

Marni capture a pic of yours truly in action and after she did so I thought, “Was that rep 17 or 18? Dammit, that means it was rep 18.” And then it happened again, as during the last 5 reps I tried to talk myself into counting down from 5 but then talked myself out of it. And I lost count. “Was that rep 42 or 43? Dammit, that means it’s rep 42.” I very likely completed 47 reps instead of 45.

And you know what, folks? That’s okay. I. Don’t Cheat.

I finished in 11:12. Ninety-five pounds is 2/3 of my body weight.


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