Scummy 100

I’m forgetful. I thought that Coach Nick would be leading the 8:30 session and that I’d be able to complete today’s partner WOD with Jeff. Uhm, Nick had repeatedly reminded me that he’d be getting his CF Kids Certification this weekend and that I’d be leading the session. Ha! Jeff offered to coach at 8:30. I was in need of a partner and quickly asked Lisa to, you know, be mine and all. She agreed and we non-hugged. It was epic.

Metcon (Time)

Scummy One Hundred
Partner Workout
Complete 100 reps of the following:
Box jumps (24/20)
Jumping pull-ups
KB swings (35/26)
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push presses (45/33)
Back extensions
Wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
Double unders

OPT A: Partners must take turns and complete 10 reps/turn

What a tremendous amount of fun we had! I feel sorry for anyone who partners with me, as they are afforded very little time to rest. I felt less sorry for Lisa as she was able to keep up with me most of the time. Except during burpees.

I completed all activities in unbroken reps of 10 except a round of box jumps and 2 rounds of double unders. I didn’t fully extend my hips on 10th rep of the last set of box jumps and, as it was a wee bit crowded in the box, my jump rope got caught on a GHD machine. Dammit and dammit.

I was very happy that I was able to complete all 5 sets of knees to elbows unbroken. And my knees touched my elbows. Yup, I continue to be disappointed when folks select Rx when entering scores when I know for a fact that knees didn’t touch elbows.

For one brief moment I thought that Stephen and Angelina might finisher before Lisa and me. That didn’t happen. Whew.

We finished in 32:30.

There were 19 athletes at the 8:30 session! Kelli completed solo and then was kind enough to complete with Kimber during the 9:45 session. (I owe you a beer, Kelli.)

11698534_10152974983967196_2856090326931184_n 11701146_10152974983882196_1359404819431879036_n

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