Off to SF

I worked out with the lovely 6 am crew, sans Holly. Coach Nick, recently certified in CrossFit Kids (Yay!), led the session.

Uhm, I do the programming. Uhm, I was looking forward to back squats and high box jumps. Uhm, that’s tomorrow’s WOD.

Metcon (Weight)
Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds (15 minutes)
3 presses

Begin @ 50 – 60 % of press 1RM. You must complete all 3 reps each round.

I began at 75# and, unlike last and the week before, added 5# each and every round. My goal was to complete last round at 120# and that’s exactly what I did. I felt strong this morning.

Metcon (Time)
SDHP (115)
Bent over row
Hold 30-second side plank after SDHPs and bent over rows, alternating sides

For example, complete 12 SDHPs and hold left-side plank and then complete 12 bent over rows and hold right-side plank.

Yup, 115# felt as heavy as I suspected that it would. So that I could keep track of my right- and left-sides, I positioned the barbell parallel to the blue wall. I completed SDHPs facing the grey and bent over rows facing the blue wall, respectively. I’m smart like that and shit. Thus, I completed right-arm planks after SDHPs and (you guessed it) left-arm planks after bent over rows.

I was facing many of the gentlemen, including Steve D. and Stephen C., and noticed that we were almost neck and neck during round of 12 SHDPs. Almost. Steve and Stephen finished a rep ahead of me. I can easily hold a 30-second plank and I work at a steady pace, so I was confident that I finish ahead of both of them. And I did.

I did rest briefly during one right-arm plank as I felt a slight twinge in my back. The pain quickly subsided and has not returned.

Time = 10:32


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