Running On Fumes

I arrived in San Francisco (after a particularly grueling flight) last night at 11:30 pm PT. Yup, 2:30 am ET. I took me a while to unwind and fall asleep. I was, however, wide awake at 5 am PT, an hour before I had set my alarm. I had a leisurely, albeit light, breakfast, consisting of a cup of steel cut oatmeal as well as a small portion of eggs and bacon.

I trained from 9 to 3:30. Throughout the day I consumed a half a chicken burrito, a small portion of salad, a couple of pieces of fruit, and a small bag of almonds.

Not enough food. Not. Enough. Food.

I used Uber for the very first time today. I like!

I worked out at CrossFit Burlingame. I was warmly greeted by Coach Ramos and then later introduced to Coach Rebecca. Both are very nice! Yup, I bought a tee shirt.

An intern, whose name I can’t recall, led the 5 pm session with Rebecca closely observing his performance.

3 rounds
10 hollow rocks
10 sit-ups
10 pushups

Uhm, a mini metcon. Not my kind of warmup. I noticed some pushups performed with less than full ROM. I kept my mouth shut.

5X3 @ 70 – 75%
5X3 behind the neck push press with snatch grip

Rebecca asked the intern to demonstrate, as folks began to OHS without first having seen proper demonstration of form and execution. I warmed up with the bar and then 65 & 85#. I then completed 5 sets @ 100#, just less than current 1RM of 135#. The last rep of each set felt heavy. Rebecca provided positive feedback. I completed the push presses at the same weight.

There were three women working to my right and one was, well, a know it all. I laughed out loud when, as discussing her weightlifting shoes, she said that Reebok owned CrossFit. Ha! I had to interrupt and let her know that Reebok was the corporate sponsor of the CrossFit Games. I also adjusted the racks for a newbie who was going up on his toes when racking the bar. But I didn’t coach. I didn’t coach.

I’m okay with doing 15 moderately heaving OHS. I’m not okay with more OHS in the metcon.

800m run cash in
3 rounds
30 wall ball shots
20 toes to bar
10 OHS

I took off on the run as, well, I’m a fast runner. What else can I say? Everything else, however, was a struggle. I felt tired and weak. And very, very hungry.

I completed first round of wall ball shots in reps of 20 &10. Good start! I began the next round by only completing 5 reps. Uhm… I didn’t complete any less than 5 reps and did complete as many as 10 unbroken both this and the final round.

Toes to bar went much better, and I completed as many as 15 unbroken reps. I did, however, complete the very last 4 reps as singles. I was tired. And very hungry. Very, very hungry.

The prescribed weight was 95 and I scaled to 85. I was very happy that I did so. I completed first and seconds rounds in reps of 6 & 4, cleaning and jerking the bar and then preparing for OHS. I failed the third rep of the last round. Dammit. I completed in 2 rounds of 4 reps.

Time = 18:10

I was spent. i took and Uber ride back to the hotel, ordered room service, showered, and then consumed delicious salad, tacos, and pudding. And I drank a delicious Blue Moon beer.


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