As we’ll be puppysitting Lucky next week, I invited Jenn to bring him to this morning’s workout to get acclimated to the box. He’s such a good boy, and he and Luke get along splendidly.

The two of them were, however, all up in my business during the metcon. Read on.

Coach Nick, as always, led the session admirably.

Push Press (Establish 3RM)

I had initially programmed press 2RM but wanted to see if all of the focus we’ve had on the press series would result in folks achieving PRs for push press. I wasn’t disappointed!

I began with 95# on the bar and that was a mistake. The weight felt heavy. I decreased to 75# then increased to 95# and the weight felt light! I completed sets of 3 reps increasing the weight 10 and then 5#. I successfully completed 3 reps at 155# —a 3RM PR! If time had allowed I could’ve probably gone a little heavier. Nonetheless, this was a confidence booster. I did record all sets and ensured that I completed push press and not push jerk (as I far too often saw folks do today).

Metcon (10 Rounds for time)

Every Other Minute for 20 Minutes (10 Rounds)
1 clean @ 65% of 3RM push press (100#)
2 thrusters
3 power or split jerks
4 box jumps @ 85% of maximum height (36″)
5 forward roll + burpee

I recorded notes in addition to time.

1 | 1:00 missed bj
2 | :55
3 | 1:07 missed bj & lucky on the mat
4 | :57
5 | :57 lucky and luke
6 | :52
7 | :55
8 | :57 missed bj
9 | :48
10 | :44

I didn’t actually miss the box jump but instead landed on the 30″ box instead of the two, 45# plates. Box jumps felt high today, as was my intention. Forward roll + burpee was very, very dizzying. For at least half of the rounds I also had to remove Luke and/or Lucky form the mat. During some of the later rounds I merely began forward rolling on them. Ha! They did move out of the way.

It appeared that Jaclyn and Steve D. were competing with each other, although I first thought that they were trying to match my time. Like that’s going to ever happen. Challenge accepted!

I really enjoyed this metcon. It was most definitely challenging, and you had to remain focused the entire time. I was pleased that thrusters as well as full squat cleans and power jerks felt so easy today. No missed reps! Box jumps, however, were often a mind f@ck, and I was only able to complete fast and unbroken reps 3 of the 10 rounds. That’s not like me.

Burpees this past Saturday and yesterday as well as today, tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday. Yay, burpees!

Luke on the mat I used for forward rolls.
Luke on the mat I used for forward rolls.
Lucky by my barbell.
Lucky by my barbell.
Luke once again!
Luke once again!

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