My Birthday

I began the purification cleanse this past Wednesday, and I’ve consumed no meats, coffee, or beer. I’m doing surprisingly well, and have little side effects, e.g., gastrointestinal issues, cravings, violent mood swings. (Yeah, I had to cross through that last one.)

I rested both Wednesday and Thursday. Rest is both good and underrated. I did, however, meet one-on-one with a client for an hourlong running coaching session Thursday evening. But running doesn’t count for exercise, right?

I attended the 9:30 session this morning, leg by Coach Jen. We’re preparing for the benchmark WOD “Karen.” Today’s workout was a doozy.

I like that word: doozy.

Metcon (Time)

175 wall ball shots (20 & 10)
Work 30 seconds; rest 30 seconds
For Rx+, do NOT allow medicine ball to drop to floor after last rep. Instead hold medicine ball against leg of pull-up rig.

I was feeling quite lethargic, as I had only consumed a protein shake 30 minutes earlier. As Jason and I were the only two men at the session, we kept an empty workspace between us. Jason is tall. Very tall. So tall that he need merely stand up, extend his arms, and touch the wall ball to the target. He’s almost that tall.

I went into the workout having only the goal of resting against pull-up leg. I used 20# wall ball, as 25# would’ve probably killed me today. Or I may have killed someone.

I completed 15 reps through round 7 or 8. I then completed no less than 12 reps any round but the last, when I didn’t need to.

I did, however, lose count near 150 and had a moment when I thought, “Is that 150 or 147 reps?” Yup, I may have completed 3 extra reps, and I’m quite confident that I did. And, as I often say, that’s okay.

I called time at 12:14. That’s my birthday! I also rested against pull-up leg for all rounds. That’s Rx+!

Metcon (Time)

8-min AMRAP
1 wall crawl
31 double unders
3 Russian KB swings (60)

Wall crawls presented little challenge, although my shoulders began to feel fatigued near the end of the metcon. I royally f@cked up first round of double unders and it took me 4 sets to complete. I completed 6 of the next 7 rounds in unbroken reps. I also f@cked up last round of double unders and rested far too long after completing 16 reps. I was only able to complete 1 KB swing when time was called. I was nonetheless pleased with performance.

Score 8 rounds + 33 reps (1 wall crawl, 31 double unders, & 1 kettle bell swing)

FullSizeRender-48 FullSizeRender-49

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