“Barbara” took its toll on my body; thus, I treated Sunday’s workout as an opportunity for active recovery.

800m plate carry (55/45)
Then 4RFT
21 plate burpees
21 plate box jumps (33.5/27)
800m plate carry
For Rx+ do not plate go below waist during plate carries.

This. Was. Tough. The first 800m walk/run with 55# was miserable and the second 800m walk/run was even more miserable. And I didn’t imagine that that could be possible. Fifty-five pounds felt heavy. I nonetheless enjoyed plate burpee and box jumps, although my legs felt like jelly by about the 15th rep or each set.

This morning I coached Foundations at 6 and a session with just three attendees at 7. I planned on working out with the 8:30 crew and even began doing so. But things don’t always work out as planned. Jen coached the session and there were 14, including myself, in attendance. I announced, “Please allow those wearing weightlifting shoes to use the platforms.” Someone asked, “Do these count as weightlifting shoes?” I said, “No.” And they took the last rack on the platforms. Gah! Yes, a couple of people who had already set up a rack offered to move but I certainly wasn’t going to allow them to do so.

I don’t like to push jerk on the rubber mats. Also, as there were so many people at the session I watched many of the sets to ensure that the reps counted. Deborah was kind enough to record a couple of my sets. I successfully completed 3 reps at 155#, a PR. I attempted 165# and wasn’t able to lock out last rep. Dammit. And I mistakenly attempted the same weight instead of decreasing to 160#. Dammit. And then we ran out of time.

I was frustrated with myself and, if truth be told, with others. I decided the best thing I could do would be to call it a day. I went home and took the dogs for a nice, long walk. Lucky is doing splendidly with his training, and he and Luke get along very well. What a delightful, intelligent dog Lucky is!

Oh, I’m on day 6 of purification cleanse. I haven’t cheated once. Yay! I expected the cleanse to be far more difficult than it has been. As a former vegetarian, I don’t miss meat. I love Brussel sprout, asparagus, and artichokes, and I’ve been consuming those three vegetables in rather large quantities. I’ve grown quite fond of homemade fruit smoothies, even those made with avocados and kale. Yup, kale.

I coached a large contingency at 4 and, as Doza was coaching the 5:15 session, I decided to give push jerks another go. And I’m glad that I did, as I was able to successfully push jerk 160#, just 5# shy of 1RM. (Jeff push jerked 205#!) I was feeling good so I changed my mind about not completing today’s metcon.

12-min AMRAP
3 power C&Js (95#)
3 lateral bar hops
5 thrusters
5 lateral bar hops
7 floor presses
7 lateral bar hops

Have I mentioned how much I hate thrusters? I truly do. I set a goal to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, although “unbroken” thrusters meant that I didn’t drop the bar until the 5th rep. I did, however, rest momentarily, i.e., armed locked out overhead, after the 3rd and/or 4th rep of a set of thrusters.

I completed 8 rounds + 3 reps. And I was spent. What a fun, challenging metcon!

IMG_3959 IMG_3968 IMG_3974 IMG_3979 IMG_3981

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