Four seconds to spare

I coached from 6 to 8:30. During the break between the 7 and 8:30 sessions, I attempted a parallette handstand pushup.

And it was hard.

I reviewed CrossFit Gymnastics videos regarding alignment of parallettes and placement of hands and realized that I had indeed placed the parallettes too closely together and placed my hands too close to the wall. I attended the 11:45 session, led by Coach Doza, and decided that I’d at least give it a try as prescribed. Jeff encouraged me to do so, saying “Challenge yourself.”

As I knew Julie and Stevie were going to be at this sessions, and that’s when I attended. I missed Stevie terribly! She greeted me with slobbery kisses and I was happy.

1 clean (135)
10 parallette HSPUs
2 cleans
3 cleans
4 cleans
5 cleans
6 cleans
7 cleans
8 cleans
9 cleans
10 cleans

I set aside 2 additional Abmats in case I needed to scale. I also loaded the barbell with a pair of 25 and 2 pair or 10 pound plates. Yes, the weight totaled 135 pounds.

I set a goal to complete the workout in 40 minutes, knowing that the parallette HSPUs were going to slow me down.

I only missed 1 parallette HSPU rep the first round of 10. I had completed 2 reps and was getting ready to kip 3rd rep, i.e., my head was on the Abmat, when Stevie began lavishing me with kisses. Ha! I called to Coach Doza and he obligingly removed her.

Let me first say that I’ve never so looked forward to power cleans as I did so today. I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 140; thus the power cleans were almost at body weight. I should’ve just added 2.5 plates to the ends of the bar. Ha!

I usually don’t like to be cheered for, but today was an exception. Bonnie was stationed beside me and would offer words of encouragement. Doza also observed and would congratulate me when I fought for a rep.

Power cleans went remarkably well, and I only had one failed attempt. Yup, I didn’t pull myself under the bar quickly enough. I completing PCs quickly and was often out of breath after a round.

Let me again unequivocally state that parallette HSPUs are exceedingly difficult, and there were quite a few reps that I truly had to fight for. I failed 7 attempts. including 2 failed attempts at the very last rep. The very last rep!

Everyone had completed the workout well before I was even close to doing so, so I told Doza to cool down without me. I also then told him that I’d close the box. Yes, I was taking time for conversations − and I needed the rest. New member Erica sat in one of the chairs near the front of the box. As I thought she had a question, I asked her so. She replied, “No, I just want to watch. It’s inspirational.” That was very kind of her to say! She did remain until I finished and encouraged me after I failed that last attempt twice. I mentioned to her that my goal was to finish in under 40 minutes.

After failing the last rep 2 times I paused, turned on the video recorder on my iPhone, and recorded the very last successful rep. I then ran to see the clock and it read 39:56. I had 4 seconds to spare!

Is it okay if I say that I’m kinda sorta proud of today’s performance?

IMG_4322 IMG_4329

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