If you want to run faster…

.. run with faster runners.

If you want to lift heavier, lift heavier shit. That’s my new motto. I lifted heavier shit on Sunday and today.

Sunday, August 30

I worked out during Open Gym and was joined by Kelli and (somewhat) Jay.

A: Metcon (No Measure)
7-min AMRAP
3 toes to bar
3 power clean & jerks (135)
6 toes to bar
6 power clean & jerks
9 toes to bar
9 power clean & jerks

Rest exactly 5 minutes before beginning B.
B: Metcon (No Measure)
7-min AMRAP
3 power snatches (75)
30 double unders
6 power snatches
30 double unders
9 power snatches
30 double unders

Rest exactly 5 minutes before beginning C.
C: Metcon (No Measure)
7-min AMRAP
3 deadlifts (245)
3 lateral bar hops
6 deadlifts
6 lateral bar hops
9 deadlifts
9 lateral bar hops

This was one of the more challenging workouts I’ve programmed for a Sunday. Shit felt heavy from start to finish. Things did not begin well.

I failed four jerks. Yup, four of them. I was often completing a power clean aaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddd then a jerk, i.e., I was resting with the bar on my shoulders for considerably longer than I should have. This allowed far too much time for me to get all up inside my head. I was one rep shy of completing round of nine power clean and jerks and this really lowered my score, as I was stringing together unbroken and kipping toes to bar from start to finish. Dammit. Score = 26

I don’t count missed reps. K? K.

Power snatches and double unders went much better and faster, and I completed a few rounds of dus, including the first round, in unbroken reps. When I struggled locking out the bar overhead for power snatches I’d take short break. I completed the round of 15 power snatches and quickly completed and additional 5 dus. Score = 200

Deadlifts felt heavy from the start and felt even heavier, if that’s possible, as the workout progressed. Given how quickly lateral bar hops when I felt like I spent the entire seven minutes doing nothing but deadlifts. I completed through the round of 15 and was able to get in a few deadlifts for the round of 18. I was very happy when the timer beeped. Score = 101

Monday, August 31

Where has the Summer gone! I worked out with the 6 am athletes led by Coach Nick.

Clean (Establish 1RM)
Set a goal to clean the same or heavier weight than 1RM thruster

My goal was to clean 170 and when I successfully cleaned 170 I cleaned 175. And then 180#! A 10# PR! I felt very strong this morning and focused on form — with Nick’s help, of course! Nick pointed out that whilst I’m cleaning the bar from the floor a tilt my head down for one brief moment. I know not why.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
9-min AMRAP
9/leg overhead walking lunges (45)
9 burpee box jump overs (24)
9 second/arm 1-armed plank hold

For an added challenge I completed lateral box jumps. Gah! This wasn’t at all easy, but I did manage to complete all rounds in unbroken reps. I didn’t drop the plate from overhead even once. Yay! As it was crowded at the box this morning walking lunges were challenging, as I wanted to ensure that I didn’t get in anyone’s way. I’m not sure if I achieved this. I completed 4 rounds + 18 walking lunges. I will admit that I kept some in the tank because the coaches are meeting tonight and working out together. Should be fun!

Uhm, there should be no doubt that I’m squatting below parallel. K? K. (I also held plank for 9 seconds at a time. I don’t cheat my reps. K? K.)

FullSizeRender-57 FullSizeRender-58

I’m loving my Fiat 500X Trekking! Rear windshield wipers, even when on intermittent, stay on continuous when backing up. How cool is that?

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