Native American Run!

Thursday, September 3

I joined the endurance athletes for a Native American (aka “Indian”) run. I’m delighted that there are about a dozen athletes participating in this 10-week session. The more the merrier, particularly for Native American run.

We attempted to all stay together for the first 20 minutes, although a few dropped off early. It was just Stephen, Jaclyn, and me at the finish and — you guessed it — I was the last Native American standing. Well, Luke and me. He was quite exhausted by the time we got home.

Friday, September 4

I worked out at 8:30. By the end of the workout my forearms were swolt, I tell you, swolt! (Yes, I know that “swolt” isn’t a word.)

Deadlift Ladder @ 65% of 1RM (AMRAP – Rounds)
With a continuously running clock do one deadlift the first minute, two deadlifts the second minute, three deadlifts the third minute, continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

I last completed this workout January 12 of this year, albeit at 50% of 1RM. And I didn’t do nearly as well! Today I lifted 245#, 65% of 375. Shit got heavy very quickly. I had decided that I’d complete sets of 3 or 4 during later rounds. Uhm, I ended up dropping the bar from the top for the majority of reps.

Having completed round 13 with just a few seconds remaining in the round I quickly decided to call it quits. I then thought, “You could’ve done another round of pull-ups and you didn’t. Get your hands on the bar.” I quickly adjusted the clips and began the final round of 14. I glanced at the clock when I had finished 7 reps and realized that I’d have to do the same number of reps in the remaining 30 seconds. Yup, it took me half a minute to deadlift just 7 reps. Whilst I did indeed struggle I nonetheless completed 14th rep with just 2 seconds remaining. I did not attempt a 15th round.

Let’s do the math…
132 deadlifts
32,240 pounds
16.17 tons

And my back isn’t the least bit sore.

A: 10 Rope Climbs (Time)
As fast as possible!

B: Pull-up Rig Traverse (Time)
Without making contact with the floor, traverse the pull-up rig from one end to the other.

If unable to complete traverse, enter distance in notes.

For an added challenge i wore a 20# weight vest for rope climbs. You read that correctly. Just jumping up to the rope was a struggle. As I wanted to make sure that I could indeed be able to complete all 10 reps I rested after each and every rope climb. I took my 6:05 seconds to complete just 10 reps. I was spent but as time was running out and I was scheduled to lead the next session, I rested far too briefly before attempting pull-up rig traverse. I made it 56 of the 72 feet but lost grip. The bars had gotten very sweaty from previous traverses!

As previously mentioned, my forearms were swolt and remained so for about 30 minutes.


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