No more wall balls!

Saturday, September 5

Jeff and I worked out at CrossFit Inside Out this morning. As is the case each and every weekend that we visit, the WOD was not posted. Uhm, if it had been posted we would have likely gone to another box. I’ve done far too many thrusters, pull-ups, and wall ball shots as of late.

We completed a general warmup, were partnered, questions were answered, and we began.

Partner WOD
“Fran” and “Karen”
Partner A completes 21 thrusters before Partner B begins. Both partners complete 21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups. Partner B may not begin activity until Partner A has completed all reps that round. Partner A begins Karen and both partners work together to complete 150 wall ball shots.

Coach Nick partnered me with Rob who informed me that he had been doing CrossFit for about two months. We talked about who should go first, as that person would be working continuously but would likely get the most help with wall balls. Rob informed me that he hated wall balls but that he was good at thrusters and pull-ups. Based upon this we agreed that he would go first. I was honestly concerned that I wouldn’t get time to rest during “Fran,” thinking that pull-ups would take far less time than thrusters. This turned out to not to be the case.

Rob scaled thrusters to 75# and completed the first 21 reps unbroken. Uhm, without realizing I was doing so I told him to get his head through the window, as the barbell was not traveling in a vertical path. He finished his round of 21 and I began my round of 21, completing in reps of 11 and 10. Thrusters felt much better than anticipated. I did indeed have to wait for Rob to finish pull-ups before I could begin, as he was doing doubles and singles. I completed round of 21 in reps of 16 & 5 and waited for Rob to finish round of 15 thrusters. I completed in reps of 9, 4, & 2. I wasn’t in any hurry as Rob was completing pull-ups and I knew I’d have to wait before beginning to do so myself. I completed round of 15 in reps of 11 & 4. Yup, I waited a few moments and completed round of 9 thrusters in reps of 5, 2, & 2 and final round of pull-ups in unbroken reps. Rob had completed 7 wall ball shots.

We kept a running count. As I was completing my first round of 10+ (I can’t remember exact count) Rob ran off to get a 14# wall ball. We began completing wall ball shots side by side. I completed no less than 7 reps up to 120 and we completed last 30 by taking turns doing 5 reps at a time.

Time = 13:24

Jeff and I enjoy visiting CrossFit Inside Out as we always feel welcome!


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