Monday, September 7

Jeff and I attended the CrossFit Inside Out 8:30 am session, led by owner and Head Coach Nick. Nick was kind enough to let Jeff and I complete the partner workout together. Yay!

Cash in
30 HSPUs
Burpees to plate
Toes to bar
Box jumps (24)
Run 100m between rounds of burpees and toes to bar and toes to bar and box jumps and 600m between rounds of 50 and 30 reps

A little confusing to follow, but you get the idea.

It was hot and humid at the box. And that’s okay.

Coach Nick led us though a good warmup and then we gathered our equipment. Coach Nick said, “The teams to watch are Rob (my partner yesterday) and Charles and Jeff and Paul. Jeff looked at me and said, “My quads are killing me. I’m not going to compete with the two of them.” “Ok,” I replied, “we’ll go at our own pace.” Uhm, my pace is pretty fast. Coach Nick then announced a 20-minute time cap. I said to Jeff, “It’s going to be difficult to complete this much work in 20 minutes.”

Whilst others completed HSPUs to Abmat, Jeff and I set up 2, 25# plates beside Abmat. Call me a purist. It’s difficult for me not to notice form and execution of others. I shan’t, however, comment. Jeff completed 8, I then completed 12, Jeff completed another 4, and I then completed the last 4 reps. Jeff and I completed burpees 10 at a time; thus he completed 20 and I completed 30. We ran 100m and I began toes to bar and completed 10 reps. Jeff followed with 10, I completed another 10, he completed 10, and I completed 6. I said, “Four more.” He was ready to run. I said, “Can you complete the last four?” He did. We ran another 100m. I began with 15 unbroken box jumps, Jeff completed 10, I completed another 15, and Jeff finished with 10. We ran 600m.

I quickly ran to plate and completed 10 burpees. Jeff completed 10 and I finished with 10. We completed toes to bar in reps of 10, 10, 6, & 4, with Jeff going first. I said, “We forgot to run.” We ran the 100m course twice. We completed box jumps in reps of 10; thus, I completed 20. We once again ran 600m.

I completed burpees, Jeff completed 6 of the 10 toes to bar, and I quickly completed last 10 box jumps.

We finished in 19:22, and we the only team to complete within the time cap.

Another good workout at CFIU!

I posed for sweaty pics post-WOD.

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