CrossFit Level I Certification, Day Two

Sunday, September 13

Given how well yesterday went I expected the worst today — and was delighted that today was just as good of a day as yesterday was! All four of the trainers did a very nice job. My favorite, however, is Bobbi, and she led our deadlift/sumo deadlift high pull/medicine ball clean session. I have more tools for my tool kit. Yay!

The discussion on nutrition, particularly the Zone Diet, was very informative, and I may indeed give it a try. If, that is, Jeff (and perhaps others) will join me. The refresher on hip and back extensions was also informative. The session ob programming was less beneficial as, well, I’ve been programming for 2.5 years.

The CrossFit approach to the snatch is quite different than the USA Weightlifting approach, and I always struggle with modifying form. The session on the strict muscle up was too brief —and I there was too much testosterone and estrogen in the roomI’m going to attempt a strict muscle up one day this week.

I’m confident that I passed the test. Some of the questions, however, seemed like that they came out of left field.

Now, about the metcon. We completed this early in the morning after reviewing medicine ball cleans.

8-min AMRAP
8 pushups
10 medicine ball cleans (20#)
12 Abmat sit-ups

We were asked to pair up and I chose the person closest to me, Kris. She informed me that due to a knee injury she couldn’t squat below parallel. We were on our way to set up our equipment when Bob, who I partnered with yesterday, approached me to inform me that he was ready. Uhm, I already had a partner. It appears that someone didn’t show up today and there was an odd number of people; thus, Bob, Kris, and I worked together.


Bob and I went first. I ignored him, as Kris was responsible for coaching us. She told me to get my chest to the floor. I really wish people would realize that my chest is on the floor, as are my thighs and a face cheek. Try to not have your chest to the floor when your thighs and face cheek are. Go ahead, do it now. I’ll wait.

Couldn’t do it, could you? Kris’ other suggestion was to not go up on my toes when doing medicine ball clean, i.e., not to extend. Huh? Why wouldn’t you extend? And guess what? She went up on her toes when it was her turn. Imagine that!

I was pretty much left alone, and for this I’m happy. I completed 7 rounds + 19 reps.

Bobbi encourage me to get my CF Level III. I may very well do that.

It was a good weekend, and for that I’m grateful. I sure did miss Luke, though! And the kitties, but don’t tell them. They’re bad.


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