I missed the box

Monday, September 14

I worked out with the 6 am athletes and the session was led by Coach Nick. Thrusters. Gah! Not only do I absolutely detest thrusters but I’ve also done more than my fair share in the past two weeks.

Thruster (21-15-9)

– Complete 21 UNBROKEN reps, then 15 and 9 unbroken reps.
– The same weight MUST be used for all reps, so choose your weight carefully

I had pre-determined that I’d lift 100# and that is indeed what I did. The first 10 reps of the round of 21 felt fine, the next 6 reps were a struggle, and the last 5 reps were mind over matter. Yes, I very much wanted to drop the bar. No, I did not. Jaclyn, Laurie, and I completed our sets together, and it helped to have someone share my misery. The round of 21 reps felt like a metcon.

The round of 15 was perhaps the most difficult round, as even the first 5 reps were challenging. Nonetheless I completed without dropping the bar, often resting whilst “cradling” the bar on my shoulders.” The round of 9 was far easier in comparison. I was delighted that I was able to achieve my goal.

EMOTM for 16 minutes
Rotate through following 4 activities:
2 rope climbs
6 power snatches (75)
6 box jumps (36)
24 double unders
Record time of SLOWEST round for each activity.

This was fun! The only problem I had was with the math, as Coach Nick had the clock counting down in 1-minute intervals. Even now I’m uncertain if my calculations are correct.

Jaclyn, Laurie, and Steve Dodge were in my group; thus, we completed activities together and began with rope climbs. I completed all rounds in 18 seconds. However, Coach Nick said that we began round 3 a second early so I bumped that time to 19 seconds. Yup, my slowest time. Nope, I don’t think I started a second early but I do what I’m told. As should all of you.

I got much faster with power snatches, completing rounds in 16, 17, 14, & 14 seconds. High box jumps are more of a challenge on the descent than on the ascent. I remained somewhat consistent and completed rounds in 15, 14, 16, & 16 seconds. I missed a rep round 2 of double unders but still managed to complete rounds in 12, 13, 11, & 12 seconds.

Thus, my slowest times were 19, 17, 16, & 13. (I’m not going to fight on the second for rope climbs. K? K.)

I witnessed a true pissing match whilst coaching the 4 pm session. I don’t particularly enjoy such high levels of testosterone.

Tuesday, September 15

I was delighted that Jeff was able to work out at 9:30! Coach Deborah led the session.

30 Bodyweight Bench Presses (Time)

As fast as possible!

I did indeed attempt at bodyweight and was able to compete 27 reps in 3 minutes. And I failed at 3 attempts. Yup, that’d be 30 reps. I’m going for it next week!

Partner WOD
13-min AMRAP
11 burpees
Row for calories
Partner A rows as many calories as possible while Partner B completes 11 burpees. Partners switch. Partners need not wait for each other to begin activity, e.g., athlete may begin burpees before partner begins rowing.
Score = total # of burpees + total # of calories

Jeff began with burpees whilst I rowed. We worked very well together, as it to be expected. We completed 18 rounds of burpees and rowed 171 calories for a total score of 369. I averaged about 10 calories per 11 strokes. I always began rowing as Jeff began burpees. Uhm, I had often completed 4 or 5 burpees before Jeff began rowing. Ha! I was fast and smooth on my transitions. What a fun workout!


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