Nicholas and Dentist Appointment

Saturday, October 10

Whilst I did plan on completing the workout solo, there was an even number of folks (including myself) at the 11 am session so I asked Nicholas, aka “Nick,” to partner with me.

I don’t think that he knew what he was in for. Yup, Jay tried to warn him. Ha!

Metcon (Time)
Run 800m
50 wall ball shots (20 & 10)
Run 400m
50 push presses (95)
Run 400m
50 power snatches (75)
Run 400m
50 deadlifts (185)
Run 800m

For partner WOD, each person did exactly half of the work in the order listed, e.g., Nicholas first ran 400m and then I did so, Nicholas completed 25 wall ball shots and then I did so, etc.

Nicholas and I worked very well together. He decided he’d go first and I agreed, for if it ended up being a foot race, well, I’d like to be the one racing to the finish.

Troy and my very good friend Jay were partners. The two of them initially presented some competition. They are both very strong.

Troy finished the first 400m before Nicholas so Jay got an early lead. He made sure to sprint to the finish, although I did surge the last 20 or so meters and likely passed him. Too bad there wasn’t a photo finish to confirm. Nicholas completed 25 unbroken wall ball shots and made up for some lost time. I also completed 25 unbroken wall ball shots and it was at that point that we kept and took the lead.

I completed push presses in reps of 20 & 5. Wow, where the hell did that come from? I completed power snatches in reps of 13, 7, & 5 and deadlifts in reps of 18 & 7.

I did “encourage” Nicholas and did so in as patient of a manner as I could. “Get your hands on the bar, Nicholas.” “Just 5 reps at a time.” “Don’t spend time with the bar locked out overhead.” “Fast and explosive!”

At the end of the workout Nicholas, who had worked steadily the entire time, said, “Does this mean that I’ve been sandbagging prior to today?”

Perhaps, Nicholas. Perhaps.

Time = 21:29

Sunday, October 11

Jeff surprised me by volunteering to lead the session so that I could work out with members. This was one of my very favorite workouts like ever. Yup, like ever.

Metcon (3 Rounds for weight)
Work 7 minutes; rest 3 minutes between activities (including after back squats and before double unders)
Max weight for each of the following activities:
A. Overhead squat 
B. Front squat 
C. Back squat 
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Work 7 minutes
Max rep double unders

A physically and psychologically challenging workout. I began with 115# for OHS and lifted that weight as well as 125#. I failed at 130# but then was able to successfully lift that weight. Yay! With just 30 seconds remaining in the 7-minute round I went for it and lifted 135#. Yay, yay, yay!

That’s about 94% of my bodyweight.

I began with 190# for front squats and lifted that weight as well as reps at 205, 215, & 225#. With just 30 seconds remaining on the clock I attempted 230# — and successfully lifted that weight! That’s a PR! I also giggled and told Jeff that I needed to make a dents appointment.

That’s about 160% of my bodyweight.

Uhm, back squats didn’t go as well. I began with 225# and successfully lifted that weight as well as 240 and 255#. I failed at 265#. Dammit.

That’s about 180% of my bodyweight.

Double unders were particularly challenging, as both my legs and shoulders were tired. My shoulders should feel tired from carrying around such a massive ego.

I began with 75 unbroken reps but then things quickly feel apart. I often only completed 15 or 20 unbroken reps at a time. I completed 370 reps. Much many than Steve Dodge. Many, many, many more.


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