Monday, October 12

I had my annual physical in the morning so I worked out at 4pm. Not my favorite time of the day, but the workout went well nonetheless.

Clean and Jerk
1 rep odd# minutes for 10 rounds (20 min)
My goal was 160# and I achieved that goal. I failed at 165#. Well, okay then!
Metcon (Time)
50 air squats
25 pushups

My goal was to complete all rounds in unbroken rep. Done. As far as metcons go, this was perhaps one of the easiest that I’ve completed. I completed ring pushups, by the way.

Time = 4:21

Tuesday, October 13

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Complete 1 FLOOR press (65% of bodyweight) every time the word “Up” is sung (30 times).

I completed floor presses at 95#. This was far easier than I expected it to be, and I probably should’ve scaled up. Yup, all 30 reps.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Partner WOD
30-min AMRAP
Partners alternate running 200m and completing AMRAP of 15 reps of the following activities:
– A – medicine ball cleans (30)
– B – stiff-legged deadlifts (115)
– C – hip touches/side
– D – GHD back extensions

For example, partner A runs 200m, partner B completes 15 medicine ball cleans, partner A completes 15 stiff-legged deadlifts, etc.

I got to partner with Anthony! Yay! He did a pretty good job of keeping up with me. Ha! We completed Rx+. I thought hip touches were going to the most difficult activity but heavy medicine ball cleans were by far the hardest thing to complete. I set a goal to complete all rounds of activities in unbroken reps. Done. Luke joined me for quite a few of the runs. He’s such a good boy!

I had positioned myself on the GHD and was getting ready to do last round of back extensions as Anthony was completing his very last round of hip touches. He was struggling. I was encouraging. I also said, “Anthony, I’ve rested long enough to compose an opera. Thanks!”

I didn’t do a very good job of moving a chip when we completed a round and it’s likely that we completed one or even two more rounds than recorded. And that’s okay.

Score = 12 rounds + 14 reps, i.e., 1 run + 12 medicine ball cleans

Wednesday, October 14

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
24-min AMRAP
– 11 burpees
– 9 box jumps (30)
– 7 power cleans (95#)
– 5 power jerks
– 3 power snatches

This was a tremendous amount of fun! Heflin worked out beside me and it was fun to badger him. I said “I just lapped you, Heflin!” three times.

I completed burpees, box jumps, and power jerks in unbroken reps, power cleans in reps of 4 & 3 or 5 & 2, and power snatches, well, one at a time.

Score = 8 rounds + 11 reps

99 burpees
72 box jumps
56 power cleans
40 power jerks
24 power snatches

FullSizeRender-13 IMG_9763 IMG_9811

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