Hello, it’s me.

Sunday, November 22

I coached the 9:30 session and then worked out as Coach Nick led CFK. Coach Jeff helped, of course!

I practiced strict muscle-ups, and completed far too many. I completed 2 unbroken reps of weighted and strict muscle-ups and 10 and then 15#. May was kind enough to record! She did, however, drool on the screen. I can understand why.

Yup, I make kind of funny facial expressions when I’m fighting for a rep. And I’m okay with this.

10-min AMRAP
— 1 strict muscle-up
— 25 double unders

I only missed one attempt at a muscle-up but did manage to almost immediately successfully complete the rep. This was a shoulder burner, folks. ‘Twas also a good reminder to use wrists and not shoulders when completing double unders.

Score = 13 rounds; 13 strict muscle-ups and 325 double unders

I then practiced headstands and was, of course, joined by Luke.

I also joined the kids and practiced rope climbs, legless rope climbs, and L-sit rope climbs.

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