Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
24-min AMRAP
Partner WOD
A. 10 seated box jumps (24/20)
B. 50 double unders
C. 25 KB swings (44/35)
D. 50 double unders
E. 50 jumping air squats
F. 50 double unders

Non-“working” partner completes the following:
A. Hold bottom of squat
B. Hold top of deadlift (135/103)
C. Hold goblet KB (44/35)
D. Hold plank
E. Rest
F. Hold plate overhead (45/35)

– Partners need not divide work evenly
– Both partners MUST work at the same time
– For Rx+ non-working partner must hold squat, deadlift, plank, and/or plate for duration of activity

Jeff and I partnered today. Imagine that! Coach Doza led the 11:45 session and captured some wonderful moments.

For a change of pace I’ll note activity I completed as well as level of difficulty, with 10 being the most difficult.

Round 1
As Jeff completed seated box jumps I held the bottom of a squat. Easy. LoD = 1
I completed 50 unbroken double unders. Jeff had it easy. LoD = 3
I held bottom os squat holding 44# KB. I counted each and every rep as Jeff completed. LoD = 5
I completed double unders in about 3 sets. LoD = 5
I completed 50 jumping air squats in reps of 10 as Jeff, well, rested. His knees is causing some pain, so I agreed to complete all rounds of air squats. LoD = 6
I easily held the plate overhead. LoD = 1

Round 2
I completed unbroken seated box jumps, and very quickly I might add. LoD  = 1
I once again completed 50 unbroken double unders as Jeff held deadlift. LoD = 4
I completed 25 unbroken KB swings this round. LoD = 6
It was finally Jeff’s turn to complete double unders and I held plank. Jeff doesn’t always string double unders together as easily as I do; thus, I held the plank for quite some time. My shoulders began to ache. LoD = 5
I completed jumping air squats in reps of 25, 15, & 10. LoD = 6
I easily completed another 50 double unders as Jeff held the plate above his head. LoD = 3

Round 3
Jeff completed seat box jumps and I easily held bottom of squat. LoD = 2
Jeff was really beginning to struggle with double unders, often only stringing together 2 or 3 at a time and then resting before starting again. I, of course, wasn’t going to drop that damned barbell. I began to grunt loudly and Jeff began to apologize softly. He finally completed 50 reps and I dropped the bar. LoD = 9
I held bottom of squat holding KB as Jeff completed KB swings in reps of 15 & 10. When he put down the KB I almost immediately said, “Hands on the kettle bell.” LoD = 7
I completed double unders as Jeff held plank. LoD = 4
Another 50 jumping air squats. I completed in reps of 20, 10, 10, & 10. LoD = 7
Jeff held plate overhead as I completed another 50 double udders. L0D = 5

Round 4
Another round of quick and easy seated box jumps. LoD = 2
Another 50 double unders (as I wasn’t going to hold that deadlift again). LoD = 4
My turn for another 25 unbroken KB swings. LoD = 5
I held the plank as Jeff completed double unders. Luke joined me and Doza captured the moment! As Luke was with me the LoD = 1
I lost my place and was getting ready to do double unders. Jeff finally said, “Air squats.” He was kind of out of breath. As we had lost some time due to my own error, I put extra effort into jumping air squats and completed in reps of 37 & 13. LoD = 8
My legs were burning so I asked Jeff to complete double unders as I held plate overhead. He was able to string them together nicely and we finished the last round with about 5 seconds remaining. LoD = 2

Score = 4 rounds Rx+

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