Deadlift PR


Metcon (Time)
In Teams of 3 or 4
– 1000m row (100m at a time)
– 100 knees to elbows (10 reps at a time)
– 500 lateral bar hops (25 hops at a time)
– 100 hang power snatches (75/53 and 5 reps at a time)
– 100 hang power cleans (95/73 and 5 reps at a time)
– 1000m row (100m at a time)

– Teammates take turns rowing
– For all other activities, 1 person MUST be resting at any given time for a team of 3 and 2 people MUST be resting at any given time for a team of 4

I worked out at 9:45 with Evelyn, Stacy, and Wayne, and what a great team we made! First I must admit that I was somewhat bossy. Why, you ask? Because there was another team that really, really, really wanted to crush us. They did not.

I rowed 3 times for the cash in and kept pace below 1:30/500m. Yup, that’s a sprint. I completed 4 or 5 sets of K2E all in unbroken reps, 8 or 9 sets of PS and 9 or 10 sets of PCs. I once again rowed another 3 rounds, ensuring that I was the last to row. Our team had the fastest time of the day!

Time = 18:18

Stacy held her own and worked faster than I’ve ever seen her work, Wayne worked steadily and strung together K2E, and Evelyn completed PS and PC faster than any person there. She’s also a walking abacus. Again, we worked very well together!

SUN DECEMBER 27, 2015 | T.U.P.

Metcon (Time)
Power cleans (135/98)
Front squats (135/98)

As I coached the 9:30 session, Jeff and I arrived at the box early to complete this hero WOD. Jeff, however, warmed up more quickly than did I and began 5 minutes before I did so.

This was one of the more challenging hero WODs that I’ve completed. What made it the most challenging was completing solo, as Jeff was ahead of me and I had to pace myself.

I set a goal to complete all rounds of FS without dropping the bar, and I achieved this goal. I dropped each and every power clean from the top and missed 1 rep. I completed rounds of 15 pull-ups in reps of 10 & 5 and remaining rounds in unbroken reps. That saved some time!

There were quite a few times during the workout when I had a difficult time not only catching my breath buy willing myself to pick up the barbell or jump to the pull-up bar. As I had no one to pace myself with I really had no idea how I was doing.

I finished as the 9:30 athletes were entering the box. Uhm, all of them could see just how challenging the workout was. I called to Jeff, “What was your time?” “Eighteen minutes,” he replied.

Time = 17:38

I had the fastest time of the day, and that really surprised me as many athletes can power through power cleans much more quickly than can I.

I felt quite proud of my performance. Is that okay?


Metcon (Weight)
Deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30

Post total load (add up all six barbell loads).
No reps may be dropped from the top of the lift.

I really like this rep scheme! I set a goal of achieving a new PR.

After warming up with about 10 or so deadlifts, I completed my first single at 345, 30 pounds less than 1RM. The lift felt heavy and I was concerned that I wouldn’t achieve goal.

I completed 10 reps at 315 (just a couple of years ago the 1RM that I was stuck on) in set of 6 & 4. The reps felt much better than the single at 345; thus, my confidence grew.

I increased the weight 20 pounds and completed my 2nd single at 365, until very recently my 1RM. The lift felt easy. My confidence began to soar.

I completed 20 reps at 300 pounds in sets of 5, resting briefly between sets.

I briefly contemplated attempting 385 but set feared that I missed the lift and wouldn’t be able to include the weight in total. I settled on 380, 5 pounds more than recently achieved 1RM.

I stepped up to the barbell, set my feet, legs, and back, and gripped it and ripped it. The bar easily came off of the ground and it was the easiest of the 3 singles. Coach Nick complimented me and I felt proud. There, I said it. I felt proud. I deadlifted more than 260% of my bodyweight. I’m beginning to think that I 400 pound deadlift might be in my future.

Total weight = 18, 790 pounds, just shy of 9.5 tons. Yes, tons.

Metcon (Time)
Ring rows with elevated feet
Air squats

I was the last to complete the deadlifts and hadn’t fully recovered before the metcon began. I nonetheless upped the ante and completed negative ring rows.

I completed all rounds of pushups and air squats in unbroken reps. I completed the round of 21 ring rows in reps of 19 & 2, the round of 15 in reps of 5 or 4, and the round of 9 in reps of 3, 3, 2, & 1. All reps were strict, i.e., no kipping. As was prescribed.

Time = 3:33


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