Bodyweight OHS!


Behind The Neck Jerk (5×5 @ 65-75% of 1RM)

The focus for the next several weeks is going to be the overhead squat; thus the need to practice behind the neck jerks. I focused on speed and explosiveness, and recorded all rounds. I completed sets @ 105, 110, 115, 115, & 120#. My left arm might be longer than my right arm.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
Row 750m
5 power cleans (@ behind the neck jerk weight)
5 floor presses

I don’t much care for 120# power cleans. Ha! I set up my work area by the yoke and placed 5 poker chips on one of the plate holders. Big mistake, as the chips went flying! I either completed 7 or 8 rounds plus 4 power cleans. Yup, I entered 74 instead of 84 reps, as I’d rather err on the side of caution.

Courtney, having complete the workout in the first wave of athletes, encouraged me to finish strong, and it was much appreciated — and needed!


Negative Handstand Pushup (Distance)

I worked out after coaching the 9:30 session and invited Heflin and Kerry to join me for the HSPU practice. I increased distance to 14″, but had to reposition plates in order to allow room or shoulders. That’s a PR!

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
Tabata squat
Tabata deadlift (155/118)
Tabata squat
Tabata deadlift

Score is total number of reps.
There is no rest between tabatas.

Completing this solo was, well, kind of fun, as I had only the clock to race against.

I started off both weak and strong, as I completed just 19 air squats the first round but completed 20 or 21 for remaining rounds. I completed 9 deadlifts the first and 7 deadlifts the last round, and averaged about 8 a round. The second round of air squats was a little more challenging, but I nonetheless completed between 17 and 21 reps a round (completing 20 the very last round). I set a goal to completed 7 deadlifts a round and even managed to completed 8 a couple of rounds.

Scores = 165, 69, 149, & 61 for a total of 444 reps

MON JANUARY 04, 2016 | OHS

Metcon (Weight)
Overhead squat

Enter total weight overhead squatted

Overhead squats used to be my nemesis. No longer! I completed 1 @ 125, 10 @ 115, 1 @ 135, 20 @ 105, 1 @ 145, and 30 @ 95#. In retrospect I could’ve gone heavier on sets of 10, 20, and 30, as I completed set of 10 in unbroken reps, set of 20 in reps of 11, 5, & 4, and set of 30 in reps of 11, 9, 5, & 4.

Nonetheless, I achieved a new PR — and the weight felt light! As Coach Nick was busy, I made sure that I had Heather ensure that I squatted below parallel.

Total weight = 6505

It’s the first Monday of the month so the coaches met for a WOD, this month led by Coach Doza.

16-min tabata
– Bodyweight bench press
– Box jumps (30″)
– Russian KB swings (53)

This was tough, particularly the bench presses. Jeff was to my left with Nick to my right.

I completed no more than 8 (first round) and no less than 4 (last few rounds) bench presses. I completed between nine and 11 box jumps and about 12 to 15 KB swings each round. My highest score for bench press + box jumps + KB swings was 29 (first round) and I had a couple of rounds of 26 reps. Most rounds I completed 27 reps.

Total = 283

Nick, Jeff, and I completed box jumps at about the same pace, although I usually managed to get in a rep or two more each round. I did have to turn my back to Nick after first round of KB swings as we were completing at about the same pace and I feared that this might slow me down. There, I said it.

I grunted very loudly during bench presses, so much so that Marni let me know she was concerned that I might be hurting myself. Ha!


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