Just Five Mere Pounds


I worked out at 6:30, as that was the only time of the day Jeff could attend a session. I challenged myself by completing some activities other than those listed. I’m still nursing a somewhat sore right shoulder.

Choose 5 of the benchmark workouts. You may complete in any order. You may only begin an activity at the start of a 9-minute interval and will have no longer than 8 minutes to complete; thus, the clock will run continuously for 45 minutes and rounds will begin at minutes 0, 9, 18, 27, & 36.

You MUST rest a minimum of 1 minute between activities.

10 Rope Climbs (Time)
100 Jumping Air Squats (Time) – 2:09
30 10 Strict Muscle-Ups (Time) – 3:57
100 Knees to Elbows (Time)
100 Pull-ups (Time)
100 Pushups (Time)
100 Abmat sit-ups (Time) – 3:23
50 Box Jumps (30) – 3:40
50 Parallette Pushups – 5:49

I was pleased to be able to complete 10 strict muscle-ups. That. Was. Tough. I completed jumping air squats in reps of as many as 30 and as few as 10 reps at a time, and both box jumps and Abmat sit-ups in unbroken reps. Parallette pushups were perhaps the most difficult of the activities, and I began with 15 unbroken reps. I completed reps 16 through 40 in reps of 5, and the last 10 in reps of 4, 3, & 3.


I worked out solo. ‘Twas fun!

Run 400m
5 deadlifts (275)
20 twisting box jumps
1-minute weighted plank hold (45)
40 double unders
Uhm, I didn’t record time, but if memory serves me 32 minutes and change.


Metcon (Weight)
Power Jerk

Record total weight lifted.
I took it easy as I didn’t want to further hurt my shoulder. It was a smart thing to do.
1 @ 145
10 @ 125
1 @ 155
20 @ 115
1 @ 170 (PR!)
30 @ 105
Total weight lifted = 7,170
Metcon (Time)
5-min AMRAP
1, 2, 3…
Bent over row(s) (95)
Sumo deadlift high pull(s)
Lateral bar hop(s)

Fast and furious, just like I like it! I completed all activities but the last set of 9 (reps of 5 & 4) in unbroken reps and completed through 9 rounds + 10 bent over rows + 2 SDHPs for a total of 147 reps.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
EMOM until failure

Begin @ 65% of 1RM; increase weight by 5# if deadlift 1RM > 250# or by 10# if deadlift 1RM >249#

I began @ 245, 65% of 1RM, and set an aspirational goal of deadlifting 385#, 5# more than very recently (2 weeks ago) achieved PR of 380.

I surprised myself and deadlifted 395#, just 5# shy of goal of 400#! I got caught up in ensuring the weight on the bar. Dammit. I attempted 400# one time and got the bar to just below my knees. Whilst I was doing so I kept thinking, “I’m not following the rules. I was supposed to go up 10 and not five pounds, so this is cheating.” And I don’t cheat.

Deadlifts felt great today, and I’m quite proud of my accomplishment.

Metcon (Time)
5 back squats (135)
10 box jumps (30)
15/leg lunges
10 BS
20 BJ
30/leg lunges
5 BS
10 BJ
15/leg lunges

No racks may be used

I increased the height of the box to 33″ for an added challenge. And a challenge it was! I also completed the first 15 and the last 5 lunges and alternating leg jumping lunges. And it challenge it was as well.

Time = 8:22

I missed a box jump, i.e., I landed on box and not 45# plate, as well as 3 or 4 lunges, i.e., knee didn’t touch the ground. You know what I did? Yup, I re-did all missed reps. The only person I’m competing with is myself.


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