MON JANUARY 18, 2016 | OH, OHS!

I worked out with the 6 am athletes and the session was led by Coach Nick. This was a doozy.

Overhead Squat (5×5 @ 75% of 1RM)

Steve Dodge was stationed to my immediate left. His overhead squats are beautiful. There, I said it. I completed 5 sets @ 105# and recorded all sets. I have to remind myself to get my ass to my heels just to ensure that I squat below parallel. OHS did feel good today. Yay!

Whilst reviewing recording of third set I noticed that Steve Dodge had watched each and every rep. I said, “Steve, why were you looking at me so closely?” “I wanted to make sure you were squatting below parallel,” he replied. “Did I?” I asked. He replied, “Yes.”

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
10-min AMRAP
5 cleans (@ 75% of OHS 1RM)
10 floor presses
50 double unders

Yup, 105# for cleans and floor presses. Uhm, 105 is about 70% of bodyweight. This was a gasser! I completed all sets of 5 cleans and 10 floor presses as well as the first 3 rounds of 50 double unders in unbroken reps. I completed fourth round of double unders in 2 sets and last round in 3 sets. Respectable nonetheless. I had completed 5 rounds with just about 10 seconds remaining and managed to get in 3 last cleans.

Score = 5 rounds + 3 reps


Coach Deborah was sick, so I covered her 2 sessions; thus, I coached all 7 sessions.  I worked out solo at 1 pm. I no longer like working out by myself. Dammit.

Push Press (EMOM 15 minutes)
Complete power clean + 3 unbroken (receive bar as dip for next rep) reps; work up to heaviest set

I completed first round @ 95# and worked up to 150# (14th round). I failed the last set at 155#. Given that 155# is 3RM, I was pleased!

Metcon (15 Rounds for time)
EMOM 15 minutes
1 strict knees to elbows
1 strict toes to bar
1 strict pull-up
1 strict chest to bar pull-up

1 strict muscle-up

For an added challenge I completed a muscle-up at the end of each round. That. Was. Tough. I completed the first 2 rounds in 17 seconds and rounds 3 through 10 in 16 seconds. I began to tire and completed rounds 11 and 12 in 17 and 18 seconds, respectively. I really had to fight for the muscle-up in round 13 and it took me 25 seconds to complete the round. Dammit. And then I failed and had to redo muscle-up during round 15. Dammit, dammit. It took me 45 seconds to complete the round. So that I wouldn’t have another failed attempt, I rested before completed very last muscle-up and completed the round in 42 seconds.

I did complete all 15 rounds of K2E, T2B, pull-ups, and C2B pull-up without dropping from the bar. And all reps were strict.

Time = 5:09


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