Burpee Mile (Lessons Learned and Implemented)

I last completed the Burpee Mile this past April in a time of 2:22:44. I learned many valuable lessons and, as the title of the blog implies, I implemented these lessons.

I set a goal to complete in 2:15:00, thinking that it would be realistic to shave 7 minutes off of my time.

It was about 32 degrees at the start. I wore Nike Metcon shoes, compression socks, lululemon shorts, CrossFit Surmount tee, Nike zipped jacked (with side panes unzipped0, a skull cap, and batting gloves. At no point did I take off any clothing, even though I began sweating just 100 meters into the workout. Why?

Because my hands were numb and ached from start to finish. This truly was the only challenging aspect of today’s workout.

I paced myself and continuously reminded myself that the tortoise beat the hare. I did make one mistake, however, but had remedied the break in form 100 or so meters into the workout. I had been mistakenly standing to full extension and opening hips before completing broad jump instead of using the jump to the hands (after chest and thighs to the floor) as the start of the jump.

I also discovered that swinging my arm widely (and perhaps wildly) when jumping was a good way to keep my shoulders from aching. Whilst I may have expended much needed energy whilst doing so, I think the reward outweighed the cost.

Jaclyn, Wayne, and Janet volunteered to assist today, and their help was much appreciated. I relied upon them to hand me energy gels, water, and to also keep track of my time.

Again, pacing was critical. Unlike the last time I completed the burpee mile, I didn’t go all out at the start and in fact had only completed 10 burpee + broad jumps before resting. For about 3/4 of the mile I briefly rested after completing a mere 5 reps. For the last 400m I completed 7 reps before resting — until the finishing sprint, that is. And this strategy paid off in that I didn’t feel winded until the final finishing sprint. I also ensured that I chatted with volunteers and, when passing in either direction, the others athletes (Kelli, Susie, Mike, and Liara). I knew that if I could carry on a conversation that I wouldn’t go anaerobic.

1/4 mile = 30:30 (est.)
1/2 mile = 1:01:43
3/4 mile = 1:33:06
Finish = 2:03:00

Those are some pretty even splits, and my last quarter mile was the fastest interval. My new goal is a sub 2-hour burpee mile. Doable? I think/feel so.

There were three types of runners on the trail today:

  1. Those that were visibly annoyed by our presence. Uhm, the trail isn’t just for runners and bikers.
  2. Those that looked upon us with disbelief. I think that some runners were trying to figure out what the hell we we were doing.
  3. Those that encouraged us! Yay! Quite a few runners congratulated us on our performance.


One thought on “Burpee Mile (Lessons Learned and Implemented)

  1. I can’t even think about doing a burpee mile. We did a burpee increasing EMOM a couple weeks ago 12, 14, 16, etc. and I was pretty much done after 4 minutes!

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