Running Is Indeed Fun!

Uhm, yeah, so I’m back to blogging about every freaking workout. Here goes! But, before I begin, I have two comments:
1. “The People vs. OJ Simpson” is excellent — except for John Travolta as Robert Shapiro. Can you say overacting?
2. “American Crime” is currently the best show on television. Hands down.


Metcon (Time)
6-minute time cap

15 deadlifts (275
5 muscle ups
12 DL
4 MU
9 DL
3 MU
6 DL
2 MU
3 DL
1 MU

This is the fourth workout of the 2106 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge, and it was a doozy. Wednesday has become my rest day, but I was too hyped/worried/anxious/excited to wait another day before attempting. My one and only goal was to finish the workout within the 6-minute timeframe.

Uhm, it wasn’t the muscle ups that presented the challenge, as I completed them easily and in unbroken reps (when applicable). It. Was. The. Heavy. Deadlifts. It felt like I was merely deadlifting, and the muscle ups were a welcome relief.

I dropped each and every rep from the top and, for the most part, quickly reset before completing the next rep. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to rest for very long if I were to reach my goal. I kept a very watchful eye on the clock.

Keep in mind that 275 is almost twice my bodyweight. And I deadlifted that weight 45 times.

Time = 5:49

Just 11 seconds to spare. Whew, that was close! And that’s a workout that I never want to complete again.

Whilst I didn’t complete the remainder of the programmed workout (including double unders, wall ball shots, and/or hanging from the pull-up bar), I did set the clock for 4 minutes and completed weighted rope climbs. I began with a climb wearing a 15# weight vest, then 25, 35, & 45#. I still had time left on the clock but the weight vest only holds 45#, so I quickly grabbed 2, 5# plates and a green band, threaded the plates on the band, and placed the band over my head and, well, around my neck. Uhm, perhaps not the smartest thing to do, but I did climb the rope with an additional 55# for a total of 193#, as I weigh 143#!


Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)
6, 4-minute rounds; rest 1 minute between rounds
Run 400m and complete max rep pull-ups
Run 400m and complete max rep push-ups
Run 400m and complete max rep sit-ups
Run 400m and complete max rep back extensions
Run 400m and complete max rep box jumps (24/20)
Run 400m and complete max rep burpees

Rx+ = chest to bar pull-ups, clapping pushups, GHD sit-ups and back extensions, 30/24″ box jumps, and 6-count burpees

It’s bitterly cold today, and I know this kept quite a few people away from the box. Oh, and the metcon included running. The metcon included running!

I attended the 9:30 session, led by Coach Deborah. This was fun! Yup, I completed Rx+. For an added challenge, Luke joined me for each and every run. He was full of piss and vinegar this morning. Due to the cold, I began by wearing running pants over shorts, a long sleeved (lululemon, of course) shirt, a jacket, a hat, and gloves. Luke thought the oversized gloves were a pull-toy. As I was running forward, he was tugging me backward! And that’s okay.

I ran first 400m wearing all of my attire. I entered the box and completed 34 chest to bar pull-ups in remaining 2:15 minutes, as it took 1:30 to run and another 15 seconds to take off Luke’s leash, remove coat, hat, and gloves, chalk hands, and then begin pull-ups, completing 34 reps. And I took my sweet time doing so, knowing that there was much of the workout remaining. I left the jacket off for the remainder of the workout.

A minute rest isn’t very long. I attached Luke’s leash, put on my hat and gloves, and began the second 400m run. My split times remained consistent. I completed 44 clapping pushups. I removed my running pants, as I was getting warm.

Another 400m run and 44 GHD sit-ups. Yup, Luke remained within eyesight at all times. He’s such a good boy!

The fourth 400m run and then GHD back extensions. Uhm, my hamstrings were a bit tired from yesterday’s workout, and I was only able to complete 10 reps at a time for a total of 57 reps.

Running after completing GHD back extensions is tough. Very tough. Completing high box jumps after running is also tough. I completed 31 reps, again taking my sweet old time. Luke may have been concerned that I was going to miss a jump, as he stood by the box the entire time.

One last run, this time not even bothering to wear hat or gloves, and 6-count burpees. I didn’t rest whilst completing 28 reps.

Total = 238 reps, not including 1.5 mile run.

That was an incredible amount of fun, and the time went by very quickly!

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