Justin Bieber


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3, 5-minute rounds for max reps at each station:
From 0:00-2:00, run 400 meters then double-unders
From 2:00-3:00, push jerks (95/73)
From 3:00-4:00, pull-ups
From 4:00-5:00, hang squat cleans

Rest 5 minutes between rounds.

This was indeed a main site workout, and it may very well go down as one of the most difficult workouts I’ve completed. Uhm, I felt like I was going to vomit when I completed the last round, and that seldom happens to me.

Troy, whose running has improved significantly, ran “with” me during all three rounds. Luke also joined us for the first two rounds.

My runs were consistent at 1:20 (a pace of 5:20 mpm). This left me time to pick up my jump rope and complete unbroken double unders, completing as many as 54 the last round. Yay! Other than double unders I can’t recall how many reps of any of the other activities that I completed. Push jerks were tough and I usually only completed 4 or 5 reps before dropping the bar. Pull-ups felt easy compared to the rest of the activities, and I completed as many as 10 to a dozen unbroken reps each round. Hang full squat cleans were miserable, and I had to remind myself — and then make myself — hold onto the bar and get in the power position after standing to full extension. I so wanted to drop the bar!

Total: 380 (84, 97, & 98)

Whilst my performance did improve I just wasn’t able to complete 100 reps the last round. Dammit. Just two more reps of either double unders and/or pull-ups would’ve accomplished this. Dammit.


R16 (3 Rounds for reps)

Complete as many reps of possible during the following sequence:
3 minute max calorie row
1 minute mandatory rest
3 minute max REPS clusters (155#)
1 minute mandatory rest
3 minute max calorie row

Yes, this was programmed for Wednesday, but as Wednesday is my rest day I planned on completing Thursday. And then Thursday became Friday, but as Jeff didn’t work out Friday evening I decided to complete the workout yesterday. Uhm, yesterday’s workout was one of the most challenging I’ve completed and I feared I’d crash and burn on the re-test.

My goal was to complete 6 clusters, just 1 more rep than previously completed, and to row 53 calories both rounds, the same calories I rowed five weeks ago when I completed the baseline.

I dreamt about R16 all of last night and was wide awake at 6 am this morning. I arrived at the box at 7 and began warming up. I wouldn’t allow myself to begin the workout until 7:30, as I feared (as is far too often the case) that I wouldn’t warm up sufficiently. Whilst I didn’t row, I did stretch and complete a few thrusters at 95, 115, and 135#. I loaded the barbell with 55# plates, set up the rower, and started the clock.

I should’ve warmed up rowing, as it took me a full minute to find my pace. I surprised myself by rowing 57 calories. I immediately thought, “I can complete less than 5 clusters and likely still improve my score.” Ha!

My strategy was to complete a cluster every 30 seconds, and that’s exactly what I did. I did attempt a 7th rep the last 10 seconds of the 3-minute round but wasn’t able to lock out my arms. I was nonetheless delighted that I was able to complete 6 clusters! I completed reps at 115% of my bodyweight. That’d be like a 225# individual completing clusters at 260#.

I haven’t yet mentioned that I hate rowing for calories, so I’ll mention it now: I hate rowing for calories. I’m at a disadvantage in that I’m both light and small. Dammit and dammit. I set a goal of rowing 53 calories and once again surprised myself and rowed 56. Another second and I would’ve rowed 57!

Score = 119

That’s a mere 8 reps more than first attempt. And I’ll take it.

Uhm, yeah, so I purchased Justin Bieber’s “Purpose.” And that’s what I listened to as I worked out. Yes, Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber!

I haven’t had a beer in almost 5 weeks. I’ll be consuming a beer or two tomorrow.

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