Hero WOD “Terry”

IMG_3373A reminder for readers: I’m 5’6″, weigh 140#, and am 52 years of age. Don’t gloat when you lift a heavier weight or complete a workout in a faster time. I’m doing very well for my size and age, thank you very much.

The hero WOD “Terry” was posted on the main site today; thus, I determined it would be a good active recovery workout form yesterday’s 16.1.

SUN FEB 28, 2016 | Hero WOD “Terry”

For time:
1-mile run
100 pushups
100-meter bear crawl
1-mile run
100-meter bear crawl
100 pushups
1-mile run 

Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent James “Terry” Watson, 43, of Holly Ridge, Louisiana, was killed during a robbery attempt in Bogotà, Colombia, on June 20, 2013. Prior to his 13 years of service with the D.E.A., Special Agent Watson worked for the U.S. Marshal’s Service and served in the U.S. Army.

He is survived by his wife, Fadia Margarita De La Rosa; father, Paul, and his wife, Linda; mother, Henrietta; brother, Scott; and numerous other family members and friends.

As I often say, hero WODs are tough — and they should be. I set a goal to complete rounds (1-mile run, 100m bear crawls, and 100 pushups regardless of order) in even splits and to finish the final mile as my fastest mile. I was just about spot on today.

I set up cones 10m apart and completed bear crawls as shuttle sprints.

I ran the first mile in exactly 7:30, not particularly fast but certainly fast enough to get me winded. I completed 100 pushups in reps of as many as 25 (out of the gate) and as few as 4 reps. My shoulders were aching, you know, from having held that damned 95″ barbell over my head. The first round of bear crawl shuttle sprints started off well in that I bear crawled 50m without stopping. And then I was only able to complete the remaining 50m in 10m intervals. My glutes were aching! The clock read 15 minutes when I finished final bear crawl. Yup, it took me the same amount of time to complete 100 pushups and a 100m bear crawl as it did to run a mile.

The clock read 22:30 when I completed the second mile; thus, another 7:30 mile. Not bad for just having bear crawled 100m. For whatever reason the second round of bear crawls was much easier than the first, and I completed the 10m shuttle sprints without stopping. Pushups, whilst more difficult, nonetheless felt less painful on the shoulder and I completed the first 60 in reps of 10. I was completing doubles by the last 10 reps. The clock read 29:22; thus, I shaved 38 seconds off of previous time.

I took a breath every third step for the final mile up until the last 100m when I began breathing every other step during final sprint. I ran the last mile in 6:58. Again, not very fast but certainly a good pace for the end of an exhausting workout.

Time = 36:20

I put Luke on the leash for the first run. He began to dilly-dally at the 100m mark so I dropped his leash and encouraged him to follow me. He did not. I assumed that, as he often does, he returned to the box but instead discovered him waiting for me at the 100m upon my return. He’s such an awesome dog!



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