Esther Bunny

FullSizeRender-78The box was closed Easter Sunday. Jeff & I worked on skills, and a good time was had by all.

I practiced handstand walking progressions, beginning with hip taps and then kick offs. I have until the middle of next month to learn how to walk on my hands. Dammit.

I also practiced strict, weighted muscle ups and worked up to 20#.

And then I got out my new HumanX jump rope.


This is based on “Flight Simulator.”

Unbroken Double Users
10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 reps
Must be sets of unbroken reps. You must rest between sets. You may not complete single unders between sets. If you miss a rep during any set you must begin again.

I successfully completed once — but forgot to start clock! I completed again in a time of 5:13. I did indeed rest between sets, ensuring that I had caught my breath. What a mind f@ck this workout is, as it’s hard to not think about not missing a rep.


Barraza (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
18 Minute AMRAP of:
200m Run
9 Deadlifts, 275#
6 Burpee Bar Muscle-ups

In honor of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ricardo Barraza, 24, of Shafter, CA, died on March 18, 2006

To learn more about Barraza click here

I attended the 6 am session led by Coach Nick. He began with a very good review of bar muscle ups. I’m pleased to say that bar muscle ups are beginning to become as easy for me to complete as ring muscle ups. Yay!

My one and only goal was to successfully complete each and every burpee bar muscle up. As I’m trying to stay focused and positive I didn’t say “My goal was to not fail any rep.” I knew that I’d have to pace myself if I were to achieve this goal. And that’s what I did.

Running is both easy and fun.

Doza and Darron had claimed both of the Olympic bars. Dammit. I used a conventional barbell for deadlifts and I could tell a dramatic difference in that my hands hurt whilst completing deadlifts. I wore my weightlifting belt for all rounds except the very last single. Time spent putting on the belt was, well, time well spent. Deadlifts and 275# are heavy. I dropped each rep from the top but didn’t pause between reps for any length of time during any of the rounds.

The first round of burpee bar muscle ups was the most difficult, probably because I wasn’t yet warmed up enough. My routine was to chalk hands, complete burpee, stand up and look at bar to ensure that I placed hands the proper width apart, complete back extension, hollow body, pop my hips, and get over the bar. It worked! It was during the second round that Coach Nick reminded to keep my body tight. It appears that I was going all Catholic School, i.e., legs widely spread.

Whilst the burpee muscle ups and heavy deadlifts were challenging, this certainly wasn’t the most difficult hero WOD that I’ve completed.

I had completed four rounds and run 200m when I entered the box to hear Coach Nick yell, “Seven seconds remaining!” Without putting on my weightlifting belt I completed one final rep.

Score = 4 rounds + 2 reps
1,000m run
37 deadlifts
25 burpee bar muscle ups


Practice handstand walking. You may also practice headstands and handstands.
Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)
Rotate through following 6 stations
Work 3:00; rest 1:30
A. Row for calories
B. Deadlifts @ 55% of 1RM (220#)
C. Cleans @ 55% of 1RM (100#)
D. Press @ 55% of 1RM (80#)
E. Strict pull-ups
F. Strict toes to bar

Enter calories for reps.

There are many members who are on vacation this week. As only Kelli attended the 7 am session, I joined her for the workout. And it was good.

I always enjoy working out with Kelli, as she is a fierce competitor and pushes me to work harder than I might normally do.

This was indeed an overall body workout — just as I intended!

I rowed 50 calories and completed 43 deadlifts, 23 cleans, 38 presses, 24 strict pull-ups, and 31 strict toes to bar for a total of 209 reps. Toes to bar at the end of the workout was somewhat torturous.

I completed quite a few rounds of deadlifts in unbroken reps of 5 for no other reason than to practice doing so. I did complete the last few reps as singles. While not a high volume of deadlifts, reps felt good.

I’m not a fan of cleans. I had completed 13 by the halfway mark but certainly didn’t complete the same number of reps the next 1:30.

I began by completing 10 unbroken press. By the time the 3-minute round was complete I was only completing 3 at a time.

I began by completing about 6 or 7 unbroken pull-ups but once again was only completing 1 rep at a time.

I began with 10 strict toes to bar and I completed no fewer than 2 reps at a time.

CrossFit Games Open Update

I was disappointed with my performance in all but the last workout of the open. I know that I could’ve done better. I also know that it’s stupid to do any workout more than once during the competition.

My goal was to finish in the top 10% of my age group.

I rank 233 of 5,300 male masters 50-54 worldwide and 23 of 493 in the Mid Atlantic region,placing me in the top 3%.

I currently rank 1804 of about 27,000, placing me in the top 7% of all male athletes.

Uhm, I’m somewhat pleased with my performance.

CrossFit Games Open 16.5

I’ve been very disappointed, exceedingly disappointed, disappointed, somewhat disappointed, and not disappointed with my performances in 16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 16.4, and 16.5, respectively.

CrossFit Games Open WOD 16.5 is a repeat of 14.5, as it is tradition to revisit a previously programmed workout as a way to measure improvements in performance. I completed 14.5 March 29, 2014 in a time of 15:51. The last thing I wrote in blog was “I don’t ever want to do this workout again.” Even though I’ve programmed at CrossFit Surmount I haven’t completed the workout since 2014.


CrossFit Games Open 14.5 and 16.5 (Time)

For Time:
21 Thrusters (95#)
21 Bar Facing Burpees
18 Thrusters
18 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Thrusters
15 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Thrusters
12 Bar Facing Burpees
9 Thrusters
9 Bar Facing Burpees
6 Thrusters
6 Bar Facing Burpees
3 Thrusters
3 Bar Facing Burpees

I didn’t look up previous time prior to working out today, and this was for the best. I carefully planned my strategy and I made sure to communicate said strategy to Jeff so that he would know what I was doing (and wouldn’t provide cues that would distract me). I didn’t, however, make myself completely clear, as you’ll read about in a moment.

I said, “Jeff, I’m going to complete in sets of three. Seven thrusters at a time for the round of 21, six for the round of 18, five for the round of 15, four for the round of 12, and three for the round of nine. I might even complete in reps of two for the round of six.” I noticed that Jeff had written the corresponding number, e.g., 7s, 6s, 5s, in corresponding rows.

I completed seven thrusters and, even though I could’ve completed more reps, I did not do so. Jeff said, “Seven.” When I began next round he began with count of “one.” And this worked for me.

I completed seven burpees and when I began eighth Jeff began counting from one. I paused, looked at him, and said, “I’ll be doing the burpees unbroken. Keep a running count.” And he did. And this worked for me.

I had very similar thoughts during the rounds of 21, 18, 15, and 12 reps of thrusters… “That first round of seven didn’t feel so bad. This second round of seven is a lot more difficult. I don’t know that I’ll be able to do the next round in seven unbroken reps. You’ve made it to rep five. Just two more. Six reps. Just one more.”

I nonetheless had no failed reps. Yay! I began each round with full squat clean. Yay! I took one breath each rep. Yay! I counted to “five” after dropping the bar. Yay! Uhm, sometimes I very slooooowly counted to five after dropping the bar.

I completed round of nine in reps of four, three, and two reps, round of six in reps of four and two, and round of three in unbroken reps.

I considered many options for burpees and settled on the following: thighs and chest (ensuring that nipples touched the ground) to floor, step up with left and then right foot and leg, followed by two-footed jump and landing. Sometimes I would turn as I jumped, other times I wouldn’t. I worked steadily although not rapidly and completed all rounds of burpees in unbroken reps. Not even a brief rest.

I had eaten a Best Bar Ever about an hour before working out and was concerned that, well, it might not stay down. I told myself that if the round of 21 felt bad that I’d stop. When I completed the round of 18 I thought, “There’s no way that I stopping now. I don’t want to start over.” I occasionally glanced at the clock, but as I didn’t recall previous time I wasn’t sure how I was faring. I did know, however, that things were going well, as I worked at a very steady pace and was sticking to my strategy.

Jeff cheered me through the last round, and it was the only round of burpees that I completed as I typically would’ve done so; as fast and furious as one’s bowels are after having eaten at Taco Bell.

Time = 14:39

I was spent. I sprawled on the floor and yelled (not merely mildly exclaimed or shouted), “F@ck! F@ck!! F@ck!!!” (The exclamations points indicate volume.)

Kelli joined Jeff and me for lunch. I finally searched CrossFit Games and discovered the time, as noted above, was 15:51; thus, I achieved PR by 1:o2. Yay!

I’m glad the the Games are over. It’s likely that I’ll complete the Masters Open WODs and see how well I do. I’m currently ranked 41 out of 5, 300 Masters 50-54 worldwide. Yes, that number will likely plummet. I’m confident, however, that I’ll remain in the top 10%.  I won’t, however, be going to the Regionals.

And. That’s. Oh. Kay.

This is what I looked like after completing 16.5




Five Hundred!


Metcon (Time)
50 deadlifts @ 100% of bodyweight
Complete 3 burpees at the top of each minutes

7-min time cap.

I weighed myself (after having eaten breakfast) this morning: 143#. I deadlifted 145#. I set a goal to complete in under 2 minutes. I quickly completed 3 burpees, and then completed 39 unbroken deadlifts. Thirty-nine! Three more burpees at the top of the minute. I told myself “Just 11 more reps.” That. Barbell. Got. Heavy. I completed the 8th (47th total) rep and then realized that my body had taken over. I dropped the bar. I did quickly pick up the bar and complete last 3 reps. I called “Time!” at 1:27 and heard Coach Marni say, “Holy Crap.” Ha!

A: Metcon (Time)

500 double unders
50 thrusters (45/33)
30 knees to elbows

I can’t recall a time when I’ve completed a workout that included 500 double unders, let alone a workout that began with 500 double udders.

I set a goal to complete the 500 reps in 1o minutes, i.e., 50 reps a minute. I knew that I’d have to parcel the work, and that’s what I did. I began with 50 unbroken double udders and that was the only time that I completed that many reps. I completed 25 reps the remaining 18 rounds and completed 25 unbroken reps 16 of those rounds. Whilst tiring, it wasn’t exhausting, and I rested very briefly between rounds. I love my new HumanX jump rope! I completed all 500 reps in 9:31.

Forty-five pound thrusters felt like 145# thrusters. I set a goal to complete in unbroken reps. I didn’t come close to achieve goal, completing 5 rounds of 10 reps.

Knees to elbows went much better, and I completed in unbroken reps of 17, 6, & 7.

Time = 14:05


Metcon (10 Rounds for time)

At the top of minutes 0, 3, 6 … 27 (10 rounds; 30 minutes) complete the following and RECORD TIME:
– 2 wall crawls
– 4 sumo deadlift high pulls (95)
– 6 push presses (95)
– 8 box jumps (24)
– 10 forward rolls

I had intended to rest today, truly I had. I arrived at the box and immediately noticed that Coach Deborah had parked in “my” spot. Ha! I entered the box and she then reminded me that she was coaching the 6am session so that I would be able to coach the 9:30am session for her. My brain is a sieve. Is that a butterfly?

When in Rome… Yup, I completed the workout. And it was tough.

Kelli (clown) was to the left of me and Jaclyn (joker) was to my right. And Darron was to the the left of Kelli. Uhm, Jaclyn is 11 or so month pregnant; thus, she was a wee bit slow today, particularly on forward rolls. She did nonetheless manage to get her chest — and nose — to the wall for wall crawls. Amazing! It’s no wonder that she’s my favorite.

In order from most to least difficult: forward rolls, push presses, SDHPs, box jumps, wall crawls. Yes, forward rolls were the most difficult activity as, well, they were so dizzying.

As is often the case, I missed a few box jumps. I completed wall crawls, SDHPs, and forward rolls in unbroken reps, i.e., without resting between reps. I completed nine rounds of push presses in unbroken reps but, without even realizing that I was doing so, paused between the 5th and last rep of 4th round. Dammit.


Pausing between reps and/or missing box jumps resulted in slowest times. Note that the final round was my fastest, and I had to really push myself to complete the reps that quickly. I finished as Jaclyn was beginning forward rolls. She said, “That was fast.”

Total time + 11:20/AVG 1:08.09

Luke was very need this morning and I oftentimes had to shoo him away. Deborah captured a few moments of the workout and Kelli (at my request) took pictures of Luke and me post-WOD.

 I wonder what’s in store for 16.5. I hope I’m able to remain in the top 10%. There, I said it.


As many of you know, I won a lot of sh!t as the 3rd place male master+ in the recently concluded Lurong Living Resolution Challenge. I decided to use two of my prizes in an “Annie-ish” workout.

I’ve been disappointed by all of my performances for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open. I’m still in the top 5% of male masters 50-54 and it’s likely that I’ll continue to qualifying workouts. Uhm, unless 16.5 is something that I just can’t do.

I really haven’t pushed myself they way that I both should and could.


Double unders

Abmat sit-ups

My goal was to complete all rounds in unbroken reps. I failed the 19th rep of the descending round of 30 double unders and chose not to start over. I completed all rounds of sit-ups in unbroken reps. I’m glad that I wore my Bodyglide.

Time = 14:33

That’s 250 double unders and sit-ups.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Work 30 seconds; rest 15 seconds
12 rounds for total reps
– American KB swings (53/35)
– Hollow rocks
– Back extensions

Rotate through activities, i.e., complete KB swings, then hollow rocks, then back extensions and repeat 3 more times.

I attended the 6 am sessions. ‘Twas fun! I focused on good reps, i.e., I didn’t rush reps (as quite a few folks did). I completed 51, 52, 53, & 56 reps each round. I once again used Harbinger mat.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Front Squats (50% of 1RM)
Min 0 – 2 FS
Min 1 – 4 FS
Min 2 – 6 FS
Min 3 – 8 FS
Min 4 – 10 FS
Min 5 – 8 FS
Min 6 – 6 FS
Min 7 – 4 FS
Min 8 – 2 FS

Fast and explosive, you know, like Taco Bell. I set and surpassed goal of completing each rep in 2 seconds, e.g., round of 8 reps in 16 seconds. I also synched breathing to lifts. Breathing controls lifts, lifts don’t control breathing. Oh, 120# is a little over 50% of 1RM of 235#.

I enjoyed the slight change of pace and shall continue to program WODs that begin with conditioning and end with strength.


Choose Option A, B, or C.
Enter reps for A, B, or C and weight for 3 lifts.
A : Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
3-min AMRAP
Ring rows
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM press
– Rest 3 min –
3-min AMRAP
Ring rows
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM push press
3-min AMRAP
Ring rows
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM power jerk
B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
3-min AMRAP
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM press
– Rest 3 min –
3-min AMRAP
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM push press
3-min AMRAP
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM power jerk
C : Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3-min AMRAP
Muscle ups (ring or bar)
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM press
– Rest 3 min –
3-min AMRAP
Muscle ups
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM push press
3-min AMRAP
Muscle ups
– Rest 3 min –
5 minutes to establish 1RM power jerk

I had intended to work out at 9:30 but instead met Camellia for a late breakfast! I then attended the 11:45 session. Whilst not my favorite time of the day to work out I nonetheless enjoyed joining Lauren, Janet, Kelli, Susan, and Greg.

I’m bound and determined to improve my performance on bar muscle ups; thus, I did not complete ring muscles ups. I can string together more than a dozen ring muscle ups, mainly due to effective kipping, but have only been able to string together 4 unbroken bar muscles up. I set a goal to string together 5 unbroken reps.

I  began with 4 unbroken reps but failed on 5th. Dammit. The second round I once again began with 4 unbroken reps and, well, once again failed 5th rep. Dammit again. I focused on speed and fast transitions and easily completed 5 unbroken reps the final round. Yay! I completed 11, 14, & 13 reps for a total of 38 reps. Why so few the first round? Because I underestimated my abilities.

I recorded the 2nd and last round. I’m pleased that very little to no “chicken winging” occurred.

My right wrist hurt a little today, so I knew that the press series wasn’t going to go well. I was somewhat right, wrong, and very right.

I only managed to press 135# and failed at 140#. My current 1RM is 141, so I wasn’t very far off.

I did push press 170#, 3# heavier than most recent 1RM and thus a new PR. Yay!

I only power jerked 160#, 5# less than current 1RM of 165#. Yup, I push pressed more than I power jerked. I was all up inside my head. And I had gotten very tired. And my clavicle hurt. Yup, my clavicle. Nope, not my wrist.

Uhm, I need a rest day.

I coached the 6am session this morning and, well, the workout looked like too much fun for me not to complete. Dammit. Who programs this shit? Oh, right, that’s me.

As I’ll likely be resting tomorrow and possibly Saturday (depending upon what 16.4 has in store) and I’ll also likely not post about 16.4 until later, I’m posting today. You’re welcome.


Skill Building

Practice double unders and triple unders

As Coach Deborah is injured, I led training of double unders during 9:30 session; thus, I didn’t attempt max reps. Next time.

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
2-min AMRAP
Sumo deadlifts (155)
Rest 2 min
4-min AMRAP
Weighted plank hold (35% of bodyweight)
Rest 2 min
6-min AMRAP
Burpee + 5 lateral bar hops
Rest 2 min
8-min AMRAP
35 double unders
5 burpee box jumps overs (24)

For weighted plank hold, 1 rep each 15 seconds STRICT plank held. No snaking, no down dog, no knees to floor.

Two minutes was just the right amount of time to rest between activities.

Sumo deadlifts at a mere 155# felt light! Until about a minute had gone by. I completed 30 reps the first minute (yup, a second up and a second down) but rested a few times during last minute and completed 53 total reps.

Whilst 35% of 140# is 50#, I nonetheless rounded up and held a plank with a 55# plate on my back. I mistakenly used a competition plate, and it did tend to slip and slide. I wisely rested only 5 seconds at a time, doing so 3 times, and held plank for accumulated time of 3:45 for a score of 15.

I worked consistently whilst completing burpee + 5 lateral bar hops, matching score for sumo deadlifts of 53. It may have been 54 reps. Oh, well. One rep = burpee + 5 lateral bar hops, by the way.

Burpee box jump overs after burpees, lateral bar hops, and double unders wasn’t a walk in the park. (I took Luke for a long walk in the park after the session, so I know.) I completed a few rounds in unbroken reps, but certainly didn’t set a goal to do so. I completed a few rounds of lateral box jump overs because, well, just because. I completed exactly 7 rounds for a total of 280 reps.

Grand total = 53 + 15 + 53 + 280 = 401


Here I am. Rock my like Shania Twain!

WED MARCH 16, 2016 | “CARSE”

For Time:
Clean, 95#
Deadlift, 185#
Box Jumps, 24″
Begin each round with a 50 meter bear crawl.

In honor of U.S. Army Corporal Nathan B. Carse, 32, of Harrod, Ohio, died in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on February 8, 2011

To learn more about Carse click here

I attended the 9:30 session led by Coach Marni. I can’t recall ever having completed this hero WOD. I’m pretty sure that I would have remembered it if I had done so.

I’ve been trying to program activities that won’t interfere with the unknowable CrossFit Games Open workouts. So far I’ve been less than successful, as I certainly didn’t expect bar muscle ups as chest to bar pull-ups had already been programmed. What’s next, ring muscle ups? Uhm, that’d be awesome!

As the cutoff time was 40 minutes I set a goal to complete in fewer than 40 minutes. This was a challenging workout but, as far as hero WODs go, wasn’t as challenging as most.

I knew that I’d need to pace myself and conserve energy. The clock counted down and I began first bear crawl. And I took my sweet ol’ time. I knew that the bear crawls were going to be difficult and I knew that if I went too fast that I’d feel the need to rest whilst completing 50m. And I didn’t want to rest.

Cleans went well all rounds. I dropped each and every rep from the top to conserve energy. I would nonetheless quickly reset and complete an additional rep. I rested very infrequently and very briefly whilst completing rounds.

Double unders were by far the easiest part of the workout. Completing only 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, & 3 was an annoyance more than anything.

Wait, I take that back. Putting on and taking off plates was the most annoying thing. I did use a 5# plate to elevate the barbell. I didn’t do so when putting on the plates for the final round of 3 deadlifts — and it took me twice as long to put on the plates. Dammit.

I dropped every deadlift from the top as well, but I completed all rounds at a quick pace and didn’t rest once. I’d consider that unbroken.

I didn’t extend fully for two or three box jumps. Yup, I redid. As I rebound off of the box I’ve come to accept that fact that I’ll occasionally miss a rep.

Now, about those bear crawls. This was by far the most difficult part of the workout, as my hands became sore and my wrists began to ache. I completed all rounds without stopping, i.e., a quick turnaround at 10m mark and I was on my way. This saved me a tremendous amount of time in the long run.

During the 6th round (before round of 6 reps)  I had to will myself continue. You’ll just have one more 50 meter bear crawl after this one. Imagine that this is that round. Don’t stop, don’t stop. You’re halfway there. Up and back one more time and you’re done.

During the 7th and final round I really had to will myself to continue. Should I count up or count down? You always count up, do the same now. One, one, one, one, still on the first 10 meter shuttle. Two, two, two, two. That seemed like a long time. Three, three, three, halfway there. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Four, four, four, four, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’tstopdon’tstopdon’tstop. You made it. Yay!

Laurie was working nearby. I’m honestly oblivious to just about everything when I’m working out that intensely. At one point she asked, “What round are you on?” I think it was the round of 12. I only recall her looking somewhat surprised and saying “Good job.”

The only thing that I wasn’t oblivious to was Luke joining me for quite a few of the bear crawls. Ha! He slowed me down a bit, and that’s okay.

Time = 38:17

That’s 350m of bear crawls without shitting in the woods once.

That’s also 85 full squat cleans, double unders, deadlifts, and box jumps.

Instead of singing “rock me like a hurricane” I sing “rock me like Shania Twain.” Try it.


Must. Rest.

It has certainly been a busy week thus far. I miss Jeff terribly, particularly in the evening hours whilst at the box.

So far I’ve received wrist wraps, supplements, and lots of mobility tools for having won 3rd place male masters+ in recently completed Lurong Living Resolution Challenge. Mary-Ann look some pics, including a few that are less than appropriate.


Metcon (Weight)
Every 90 seconds for 4 rounds
– 3 presses, 2 push presses, & 1 power jerk
Every 2 minutes for 4 rounds
– 2 presses, 2 push presses, & 2 power jerks
Every 2:30 for 4 rounds
– 1 press, 2 push presses, & 3 power jerks

Choose weight carefully.
You must complete all 3 activities (presses, push presses, & power jerks).
Increase weight as form and execution improve.
Enter weight of last successfully completed round.

I work out with the 6am athletes on Monday and, is most often the case, Coach Nick led the session.

I worked steadily and completed rounds @ 65, 75, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, & 130#. Lifts felt great today!

As I knew that I’d be working out again this evening I didn’t complete the pull-up ladder.


Coach Evelyn led the session and did a very nice job!

A.: Back Squat (3×5@75% of 1RM)

Rest up to two minutes between rounds.

I completed sets @ 190#. I haven’t done heavy back squats in a while and was pleased with how strong I felt. Yay!

B.: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

1 Minute ME KBS 52/35
-Rest 1 Minute-
5 minute AMRAP
5 Deadlifts (185/135)
100m Sprint
5 WB shots (10’/9′) (16/25)
-Rest 1 Minute-
5 Minute AMRAP
5 Deadlifts (185/135)
100m Sprint
5 WB shots (10’/9′) (16/25)
-Rest 1 Minute-
1 Minute ME KBS (52/35)

This. Was. Tough.

I turned my back to the clock. Uhm, I was really turning my back to Nick, as I don’t like to pace myself off of someone else (nor do I generally like others to use me to pace themselves). I completed 32 reps, all implementing snatch + press.

A minute rest didn’t seem to last very long.

I completed all rounds of deadlifts in unbroken sets. As there were only two 25# wall balls I began with a 30# medicine ball. And missed 2 reps right out of the gate. I did get a few reps and then basically waited for Nick to finish so I could use a 25# medicine ball. I turned my back after fifth rep and approached barbell as I said, “I missed a few.” Evelyn replied, “You missed that last one.”

I never argue with the coach, so I went back to the target and completed the last rep. This meant that Nick had a lead. I was bound and determined that he would not keep that lead. Ha! I did eventually catch and then pass him, completing 5 rounds + 5 reps. I was pleased that I was able to match the score the next round. Again, a minute didn’t seem nearly long enough. I was gasping for air!

The next round of KB swings was a struggle. I began with snatch + press but eventually just completed swings. I nonetheless once again managed to complete 32 reps.

Score = 184

TUE MARCH 08, 2016 | OH!

Overhead Squat (Establish 3RM)

I was still feeling quite tired from Monday’s workout, but nonetheless joined the 9:30 athletes. I completed 3 reps @ 127#, a mere 2# PR. I didn’t attempt a heavier weight.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Tabata row for calories
Rest 2 minutes
Tabata air squats
Rest 2 minutes
Tabata weighted (55) plank hold

Enter LOWEST score, i.e., this is a true tabata.
Enter seconds for plank hold.

I set goal to row 8 calories a round and did so for the first 3 rounds. I rowed 7 calories for 4th and remaining rounds. Dammit.

I set and achieved goal of completing 21 squats a round. Uhm, that’s about a squat a second. I wore my weightlifting shoes and came up on my toes to ensure full extension. That was tough, particularly the 6th round. I do believe that that’s a PR!

Completing a 20-second plank hold with a 55# plate on my back presented little challenge.

Score = 48


Lorraine and I both hate the bench press. I had planned on resting but, as just Chris attended the 11:45 session, I felt compelled to join him. No one likes to work out alone.

Bench Press (Establish 5RM)

I felt some pain in my right shoulder so I took it easy. I completed 5 reps @ 165#, a 5# PR, and 4 reps @ 170#. I must admit that I feel somewhat weaker when I weigh this little. I’m trying to put on weight, I promise!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12-minute AMRAP
10 box jump overs (24)
10 floor presses (@ 55% of bench press 5RM)
10 lateral box jumps (20)
10 sumo deadlift high pulls

Wow, this was a doozy! I completed floor presses and SDHPs @ 90#. Floor presses felt easy. SDHPs did not.

I completed 6 rounds + 20 reps. Or 7 rounds + 20 reps. Yup, I lost count and sincerely think that I didn’t move a poker chip after one of the rounds. As Chris is a newer member, I made sure to position myself to watch and coach him. Yes, this slowed me down a bit. And that’s okay.


I coached the 6am session. This workout looked too good not to do. I haven’t had a rest day since Saturday. That’s not good.
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Deadlifts (50% of 1RM)
Min 0 – 2 DL
Min 1 – 4 DL
Min 2 – 6 DL
Min 3 – 8 DL
Min 4 – 10 DL
Min 5 – 8 DL
Min 6 – 6 DL
Min 7 – 4 DL
Min 8 – 2 DL

As is often the case, Kelly-May set up her bar on the same platform as I did. Uhm, this time she faced me. ‘Twas fun! She’s a strong athlete and matched me very fast rep for very fast rep. Deadlifts felt awesome today. Yay!

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

15-min AMRAP; 1-min rounds
REST 1 min between rounds
– Lateral bar hops
– 5m shuttle sprints
– bent over rows (95)

Keeping a running count, complete 1 min of lateral bar hops, shuttle sprints, and then bent over rows. That’s one round. REST 1 min between rounds!

Laurie insisted that she work out beside me so that she could better pace herself.

This was a very challenging workout.

I set a goal to complete all rounds of lateral bar hops in unbroken reps but rested once very briefly during 3rd round and twice, again very briefly, during last round. Dammit and dammit.

I attempted to keep shuttle sprints and 4 strides/5m but sometimes stutter stepped.

Bent over rows became increasingly more challenging as the workout progressed. I completed few lateral bar hops and bent over rows as the workout progressed.

Scores = 208, 187, 180, & 166 = 741 total reps

That’s a hell of a lot more reps than Steve Dodge.

I met with a potential non-CrossFit client this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day, so we met for coffee and sat outside to discuss implementation of Situational Leadership.

I shaved. I also wore dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie. And underwear. That was NOT fun to wear.



CrossFit Games Open 16.2 (AMRAP – Reps)

4-Minute AMRAP + Bonus Time of:
25 Toes To Bar
50 Double Unders
Squat Cleans*

*Round 1 – 15 @ 135# 
*Round 2 – 13 @ 185#
*Round 3 – 11 @ 225#
*Round 4 – 9 @ 275#
*Round 5 – 7 @ 315# 

Time extends by 4-minutes when completing a round. If you complete Round 5, your score is the time you finish.

I rested Friday and Saturday. As I knew Jeff would be completing the workout today, well, I waited until today. My one and only goal was to make it to Round 2.

Uhm, I probably shouldn’t have had that big-assed kale salad for lunch. Or that beer. Ha!

I began by completing 20 & then 5 unbroken toes to bar followed by 50 unbroken double unders. This took me a little over 90 seconds. And then it took me almost all of the remaining time to complete 15, 135# cleans — but I did so, completing the 15th rep at 3:55. I immediately began toes to bar, completing as many as 7 unbroken reps but quite a few singles. However, I always completed at least 3 reps before dropping from the bar. Another 50 unbroken double unders. The clock read 6:00, leaving me 2 full minutes to complete just 1 clean at 185#. Uhm, given that 175# is my current 1RM, I knew that this wasn’t going to happen. I nonetheless attempted at least a dozen times.

Score = 165

As I hadn’t broken out into a sweat, I persuaded Jeff to keep score as I completed 16.2 Scaled.

CrossFit Games Open 16.2 Scaled (AMRAP – Reps)

4-Minute AMRAP + Bonus Time of:
25 Hanging Knee Raises
50 Single Unders
Squat Cleans*

*Round 1 – 15 @ 95# 
*Round 2 – 13 @ 115# 
*Round 3 – 11 @ 135# 
*Round 4 – 9 @ 155# 
*Round 5 – 7 @ 185# 

Time extends by 4-minutes when completing a round. If you complete Round 5, your score is the time you finish.

This wasn’t nearly as difficult. Imagine that! I completed all rounds of hanging knee raises and single unders in unbroken reps.

Round 1 | 2:19
Round 2 | 5:21
Round 3 | 9:00
Round 4 | 13:07

I completed Round 5 hanging knee raises and single unders when the clock read 14:30. That allowed 6:30 to complete a single clean @ 185#. And I did not. In my defense, I was rather tired.

Totals for the day:
50 toes to bar
125 hanging knees raises
100 double unders
250 single unders
15 cleans @ 95
13 cleans @ 115
27 cleans @ 135#
9 cleans @ 155@#

Uhm, that’s 64 cleans.