THU MARCH 03, 2016 | ROW THE C2

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)
With a partner
90 seconds intervals; rest 60 seconds between rounds
Rounds 1 & 2: rowing for calories & burpees
Rounds 3 & 4: rowing for calories & forward lunges with barbell behind neck (75/53)
Round 5 & 6: rowing for calories & SDHPs
Rounds 7 & 8: rowing for calories & floor presses
Rounds 9 & 10: rowing for calories & hang power snatches

Enter total reps for round 1 and total calories for round 2

I had every intention of resting today, truly I did. My glutes and quads are, you know, a little sore after completing 150 back squats. I told myself that if an even number of folks attended the 9:30 session that I’d merely observe but that if an odd number attended I’d partner with someone. If they wanted me to.

I watched as folks entered the box…

Kelly-May had already requested to partner with Kelli. Tami and Susie and then Wendy and Amy formed dyads. That left Maxine, Bill, and Jaclyn. Yes, Jaclyn! I was certain that Bill would swoop in and ask me to be his partner and that Jaclyn would avoid me like the plague. Maxine quickly asked Bill to be her partner. Yay! Jaclyn looked toward me with a look of utter excitement. Or sheer terror. I confuse those two emotions.

Tami asked to position herself nearby and row as I rowed. I asked Jaclyn if she’d like to row first or second and she said I could decide. Well, okay then! I’d much rather row first as I detest rowing and, well, didn’t want to row the very last 90-second interval.

Team Kelli-May set up nearby as well, and Kelli and I completed the activities together.

Donkey Kong? Yes, it was on!

I took it easy the first interval and rowed 27 calories.

Kelli: How many calories did you row?
Me: Twenty-seven.
Kelli: Me, too! (She raised her arms in victory.)
I wanted to ensure that I had indeed rowed 27 calories.
Me (to Jaclyn): How many? 
Jaclyn: Twenty-two.
Me: I was wrong. I rowed 22 calories and not 27. 
Kelli smirked. Or smiled. I confuse those facial expressions. I then looked at the monitor on the C2.
Me: Nope, I rowed 27. Jaclyn, why did you say 22?
Jaclyn: That’s how many burpees I completed.

It all made sense then. I made sure to record calories as they accumulated each round.

I completed 36 burpees nary resting a moment during the 90 seconds. I once again rowed 27 calories. Kelli rowed 26.

Jaclyn completed 33 front lunges, I completed 40, and Kelli completed less than 40. I rowed  29 calories. Twenty. Nine. (How many did you row, Kelli? I can’t recall. Was it 29? I don’t think so, but I can’t recall.)

Jaclyn and I completed 31 and 34 SDHPs, respectively. I rowed 27 calories. Floor presses felt light and then felt heavy. I completed 70 and Jaclyn completed 41 reps. I rowed 28 calories.

Hang power snatches were by far the most difficult activity to complete. It was nice having Kelli nearby to motivate me to continue working. Jaclyn and I completed 20 and 22 reps, respectively.

Total reps: 349
Total calories: 251
Grand total: 600

I wanted to capture the post-WOD moment. Unfortunately, very few people take good pictures. Deborah? No. Kelly-May? No. Kelli? No, no, no. I settled on Tami, mostly because she was nearby. Ha!

No one (including Jaclyn) could believe that I was hugging Jaclyn. I’m not a hugger. Never have been, never will be.

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