Four Barbells

My 28″ waist jeans are too loose. There, I said it.

WED MARCH 30, 2016 | UP OR DOWN?

Metcon (Time)

2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2 power cleans @ 65% of 1RM
10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10 box jumps (24/20)
Complete 25 double unders after each round

I attended the 6am session led by Coach Nick. I had originally programmed 2-4-6… box jumps and 10-8-6… power cleans but Coach Nick flipped the order; thus, 60 power cleans and 50 box jumps instead of 60 box jumps and 50 power cleans.

And that’s okay.

I completed 105# power cleans and completed all but the last 2 rounds of 8 and 10 reps unbroken. Uhm, I completed the very last 3 reps as singles. My legs felt incredibly heavy, probably because I had run with the endurance athletes the evening before. I didn’t even attempt to rebound off of the box for fear that I’d miss a jump and hurt myself. I’m just that smart. I  completed quite a few rounds of double unders in unbroken reps.

Time = 10:36

90-Second Weighted Plank Hold (Weight)

Ninety seconds felt a lot longer than 60 seconds. That’s what he said.

Weight = 80#

My goal is bodyweight.

I coached CrossFit Kids Thursday evening and then ran with the endurance athletes. The kids completed a burpee ladder up to 10. That’s 55 burpees! Yup, I did the burpees with them. I ran over 4 miles, truly sprinting the last 1.5. Uhm, maybe Thursdays shouldn’t be my rest day, you know, since I don’t rest.


Back Squat
3-6-9-12-12-9-6-max unbroken reps @ 55% of 1RM

Every 1:10

I attended the 9:30 session led by Coach Marni. I am so relieved that both she and Coach Deborah have returned from vacation!

Fifty-five percent of my 1RM is 140#. Uhm, that’s 3# shy of bodyweight. I completed reps explosively and didn’t rest between any reps until the very last round.

Unbroken reps = 28; total reps = 85

That was tough! And fun. But mostly tough.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Every 30 seconds for 10 rounds (5 minutes)
3, 4, or 5 ring dips

Uhm, about halfway through the rounds Coach Marni said, “You make that look too easy.” I replied, “It is too easy. I should’ve worn a weight vest.”

I completed all reps strict and completed all rounds in 5 seconds, i.e., a second a rep.

Metcon (Time)

Row 250m
25 burpees

A sprint from start to finish. I rowed the first 250m in 47 seconds and the remaining 2 rounds in about 50 seconds. Maybe I shouldn’t have sprinted, as it took me some time to transition to burpees. I completed all 3 rounds in unbroken reps.

Time = 7:32

It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt like throwing up after a workout. Today was such a day.


As Jeff was in Charlotte this morning and as no coaches were available to coach a session, I led all of the morning sessions. Jeff and I worked out late this afternoon.

Deadlift(s) @ 185#
Front squat(s) @ 115#
Power clean(s) @ 95#
Power snatch(es) @ 75#
Complete 25 unbroken double unders after each round

This was loosely based on today’s team WOD. I had the luxury/misfortune of using 4 barbells. One deadlift, front squat, power clean, and power snatch and then 25 unbroken double unders, 2 reps of each lift and 25 unbroken double unders, etc.

I wanted to challenge myself today, so I completed all rounds in unbroken reps. This workout was as much psychological as physical. Rest enough so that you can complete all of the reps. Don’t rest too long. Steady your breathing. Take a breath each rep. Don’t start the double unders until you’re sure that you can do all 25 reps unbroken. 

I had even talked myself into perhaps, you know, not completing the final rounds in unbroken reps. Thus, I really had to talk to myself. Make it through round 7 in unbroken reps. If you need to break up the round of 8 you can do so for the front squats, but not the deadlifts. If you make it through the front squats, you can easily make it through the power cleans. If you need to you can break up the power snatches. 

For the final rounds of 8, 9, and 10 reps, the first few reps of each lift felt, well, light. And the last reps felt, well, exceedingly heavy. I nonetheless completed all rounds of all lifts in unbroken reps. I also rested what felt like a looooong time before completing next lift or double unders.

I had a difficult time starting the very last round of double unders as I feared that I hadn’t caught my breath and wouldn’t be able to complete unbroken.

Time = 27:55

A few “candid” photos taken during the WOD.


Whilst talking about funny things that children say, Susan and I had the following exchange…

Susan: Mason asked, “Mom, what’s the difference between tonsils and testicles?”
Me: You don’t know how many gay men have asked me that very same question.



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