Morrison, OHS, a 5K, and CFS 3rd Anniversary


90-Second Weighted Plank Hold (Weight)

Laurie was kind enough to assist, including placing sandbags on back and talking with me to help pass the time. I held 145# plank hold for 90 seconds. Yay!

Morrison (Time)

Wall-Ball Shots, 20#
Box Jumps, 24″
Kettlebell Swings, 53#

In honor of U.S. Army Specialist Scott Morrison, 23, of Blue Ash, OH, died on September 26, 2010

To learn more about Morrison click here

One hundred fifty wall ball shots, box jumps, and kettle bell swings. Four hundred fifty total reps.

I attended the 9:30 session led by the wonderful Coach Marni. I was the only male in attendance, as is often the case during that time.

I completed all rounds of wall ball shots in unbroken reps. I didn’t miss a single wall ball shot! I completed as many as 25 reps (out of the gate). Wall ball shots went well.

Box jumps were the easiest of the three activities. I did, however, miss a rep — but just one! At Marni’s suggestion, I stepped onto the box at the beginning of each round to recalibrate. And it worked. I also rebounded off of each and every rep.

At the start of each round of kettle bell swings I thought, “This doesn’t feel that heavy.” By about the seventh or eight rep I thought, “This shit feels heavy.” I completed as many as 10 unbroken reps. I also tore the callous of my right hand and, well, my hand bled.

As I encouraged all athletes to do today, I completed the last round in ten unbroken reps of all three activities.

Time = 26:31



I rested Thursday, although I did run an easy 4 miles with Laurie. ‘Twas fun!

I coached the 6, 7, and 8:30 sessions. I texted Jeff and he let me know that he wouldn’t be able to work out until 4. As we haven’t had much of an opportunity to work out together, I joined him for the session, led by Coach Marni.

Overhead Squat (Establish 5RM)

Take up to 20 minutes to establish 5RM

My previous 5RM was 105#. I recorded all rounds, beginning @ 75#. Whilst reviewing round of 5 reps @ 100# a few of the reps were questionable, i.e., at but possibly not below parallel. When in doubt throw it out. I did 5 reps @ 100# once again, ensuring that I felt like, in Marni’s words, my cheeks were to my sneaks. That’d be ass cheeks to sneakers. I successfully completed 5 reps @ 110# and, as reps felt good, I completed final set of 5 reps @ 115#, a 10# PR. For me, 110# is a challenge.

Metcon (Time)

– 25 Russian KB swings (60)
– 25/leg lunges
– 25 Abmat sit-ups

I set up my workstation near the garage door, as it had gotten moist (I love that word) in the box. I set a goal to complete in under 12 minutes. I did not recall nor look up times of athletes who had completed the metcon earlier in the day. I set an additional goal to complete all rounds in unbroken reps. Uhm, I achieved both goals.

Time = 11:19



It seems like a lifetime ago when I used to run at 5K once, twice, or even thrice times a month. I don’t miss it, as running a mere 3.1 miles is my least favorite distance to run.

CrossFit Surmount sponsored the event I agreed to lead the warmup, which surprisingly (theres a story here) ran very smoothly. Nick, Drew, Carin, Kevin, and Andrew also represented the box. Yay!

Uhm, the course was perhaps marked incorrectly. Uhm, and I’m convinced that the distance was longer than 5K. I led the pack along with a 15-year-old tall male who dropped me the first 800m. And that’s okay.

I needed to do some striders before the start of the race, as it took me a good 2 or 3 minutes to settle into my pace and control my breathing. Once I was dropped by the 15-year-old I was running by myself for the rest of the race. It’s so lonely at the front.

I hit the 1-mile marker at 7:15 and thought, “What the f@ck? That can’t be right!” I encouraged the 15-year-old at the turnaround and hit the 2-mile mark at 12:12. Uhm, that’d be a 6:06 overall pace but a 7:15 first mile? The course was tough, as there were many downhills the first half and, you guessed it, uphills the second half. My finishing time was 21:07.5. Huh? I ran only a 6:51 mpm pace? Have I really slowed down that much? I do know that, as there was no one on my heels, I certainly didn’t push my pace the last mile. I think that the course my be a wee bit longer than 5K.

I am 37 years older than the winner. I scored 70.0 in age percentage, the highest score of all of the runners. Yup, the higher the number the better.

I finished 2nd overall. As soon as my chip was removed from my shoe I ran in Nick, Kevin, Drew, Carin, and Andrew. Kevin said, “I’m in pain.” “I don’t care,” I replied, “we’re almost there and there are people catching up with you.” That wasn’t quite true, but I wanted him to finish strong. Drew had the strongest finish of the day!


As soon as the last runner finished, I traveled to the box. I arrived at 9:55, just as the first round was about to begin. Jay needed a judge but, well, I wanted to partner with my husband; thus, I judged Jeff and he then judged me.

CFS Anniversary WOD, Part 1 (AMRAP – Reps)

5-min AMRAP
6-count burpees to 4″ target

I made sure that I did not look up previous score as I didn’t want to push myself too hard, you know, since I had just run 5K. I completed 65 burpees, just 1 rep shy of PR. Again, that’s okay.

CFS Anniversary WOD, Part 2 (AMRAP – Reps)

10-minute AMRAP
Hand release pushup & bodyweight deadlift ladder

I made sure to weigh myself (143) and I rounded up to 145. I completed through round 10 in unbroken hand release pushups and deadlifts and even completed unbroken hand release pushups round 11. The deadlifts began to feel heavy so I began to break up into sets of as many as 5 and as few as 2, dropping the bar after the last rep. I completed through round 14 of hand release pushups + 5 deadlifts for a score of 229 reps.

Today we celebrated CrossFit Surmount’s 3rd Anniversary! The food was wonderful, the contests were fun, and we had a delightful time. Deborah and Wendy outdid themselves with the cake. How creative!

No matter where I am, Luke is never very far away. Good dog!


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