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THU MAY 05, 2016 | GOING UP

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
With a continuously running clock complete 5 thrusters every minute.t
From 0 – 4 use 75# (Rounds 1 – 5)
Rest min 5 – 6
From 6 – 10 use 95# (Rounds 6 – 10)
Rest min 11 – 12
From 12 – 16 use 115# (Rounds 11 – 15)
Rest min 17 – 18
From 18 – 22 use 135# (Rounds 16 – 20)
Rest min 22 – 23
From 23 – 28 use 155# (Rounds 21 – 25)Continue adding 20 lb. every 5 minutes for as long as you are able.

Score = number of COMPLETED rounds, i.e., you must complete all 5 reps.

I coached at 6 and, even though this was supposed to have been a rest day, I completed the workout at the 9:30 session, led by Coach Marni. “But Paul, don’t you hate thrusters?” Indeed I do. Indeed I do.

Work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

I set a goal to complete through round 20, i.e., all thrusters @ 135#. I am pleased to report that I achieved this goal!

I had initially set up my workstation on the platform closest to the garage door. As Lauren arrived late, she joined Kelly-May and me on the platform. That’s too close for comfort, so I moved to 7301. Uhm, I was attempting to get out of sight of prying eyes. I also completed all but one round with my back to the other athletes, as I wanted to establish my own pace.

I focused on breathing each and every rep, with an exhalation through my teeth as I push pressed the barbell over my head. I began each and every round with a full squat clean. No power cleans today! I completed through the 3rd round of 5 reps @ 135# in unbroken reps, and was quite surprised that I was able to do so. I completed the 4th and 5th rounds in reps of 3 & 2 and 2, 2, & 1, respectively, still beginning with a cluster.

The final round @ 135# took me almost the minute to complete, which left a minute to add 10# plates to the bar.

My confidence began to dwindle.

I completed a clean pull, not even attempting to pull myself under the bar. I then completed a full squat clean, not even attempting to push press the bar. I then attempted a thruster, but was unable to lock out my arms. With just 10 seconds remaining, I successfully completed a thruster @ 155#. That’s more than I weigh!

Score = 20; 101 thrusters

I truly enjoyed this workout!


Max Reps Unbroken Ring Dips (AMRAP – Reps)

Whilst I did indeed attend the 11:45 session, I arrived early to allow time for weighted ring dips, knowing that it’d take time to work up to 1RM.

I like friendly competition, and I enjoy trash talking with Coach Nick. He’s a gifted athlete and a worthy adversary. And he’s encouraging and supportive, i.e., he’s not a dick. I’ll just leave that right there and let you mull over that last statement.

Weighted Ring Dip (Weight)

I had to wear a weight vest on top of a weight vest to get desired weight. I worked up to 112# — a PR — but failed at 114#. Just two extra pounds felt like 100 pounds!
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Masters Qualifier Event 3
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
– 55 double-unders
– 15 chest-to-bar pull-ups
– 5 hang power cleans (155)

As I only ranked 234 worldwide, i.e., not the top 200, I’m not required to complete the 5 workouts. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to give them a try! Whilst I knew that double unders and chest to bar pull-ups wouldn’t be difficult, I also knew that hang power cleans at 1RM and more than my bodyweight would, well, be exceedingly difficult.

Boy was I right about that.

I completed 4 rounds of 55 unbroken double unders. Yup, I did that. I completed the 1st round of pull-ups in unbroken reps, the 2nd round in reps of 11 & 4, the 3rd round in reps of 9 & 6, and the 4th round in reps of 7, 5, & 2.

Now about those heavy hang power cleans. Uhm, my 1RM is 155#. Uhm, that’s the same as the prescribed weight for today’s metcon.

Things started off miserably and then got somewhat better. I had seven — seven! — failed attempts the 1st round. I just couldn’t pull myself under the bar fast enough.

But for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round I only had one failed attempt. Huh! I suppose that I need to warm up more effectively.

I also need to practice stringing reps together, as I completed each and every rep as a single: stand to full extension, get in power position, complete clean, and then drop the bar from the top.

I completed the last rep of the 4th round with just 30 or so seconds remaining on the clock. I completed 35 unbroken double unders, rested briefly, and then completed another 15 unbroken reps.

Score = 4 rounds + 50 reps; 270 double unders, 60 C2B pull-ups, and 20 HPCs

At first glance it might appear that I’m disappointed in my performance. I am most certainly not! In my seven years of CrossFitting, this is the first time I’ve completed a metcon that included 155# hang power cleans.

Also, during the 1st round and about my 5th failed attempt at a hang power clean, I seriously considering quitting. But I did not.

I’m resting tomorrow. Finally!

155 HPC


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