I Set Aside My Ego

No hangover this morning. Good! Was wide awake at 3:30 in the morning. Prednisone. Dammit.

I coached the 6, 7, & 8:30 sessions and joined the 9:30 athletes for an awesome session.

Cleaning is fun.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

With a continuously running clock complete 5 cleans every minute.
From 0 – 5 use 75# (Rounds 1 – 5)
Rest min 5 – 6
From 6 – 11 use 95# (Rounds 6 – 10)
Rest min 11 – 12
From 12 – 17 use 115# (Rounds 11 – 15)
Rest min 17 – 18
From 18 – 23 use 135# (Rounds 16 – 20)
Rest min 22 – 24
From 24 – 29 use 155# (Rounds 21 – 25)

Continue adding 20# every 5 minutes for as long as you are able.

My goal was to make it through round 20, i.e., through the 135# cleans, and then see if I could possibly get in a round at 155#. I’ve lost a few more pounds and am once again flirting with 140.

Seventy-five pounds felt light, and I completed all rounds of 5 in unbroken reps and in about 15 seconds. Ninety-five pounds also feel light, and I kept up the pace. It was nice that Wayne was facing me, as I knew he was attempting to keep up with me and this motivated me to not slow down.

Whilst 115# was beginning to feel heavy, I nonetheless completed all rounds in unbroken reps and in about 20 seconds. One hundred thirty-five pounds (uhm, just 5 pounds less than what I weigh) did indeed begin to feel heavy. I completed first round in unbroken reps of 4 and a single, the second and third round in reps unbroken reps of 3 and 2, and the last rounds in unbroken reps of 2 and 2 and then a single.

I enjoyed the much needed rest between all rounds, but particularly the rest before cleaning 155#. I  knew that I’d have to do the reps at 155# as singles, and that’s what I did. Shit got heavy. Shit got real heavy. I completed all 5 reps of the first round. I only had 10 seconds to rest before the next round began. I completed a single. Felt heavy but manageable. I completed another single and could barely stand up. I attempted the third rep and fell on my ass. I rest 10 seconds and attempted again and just could not pull myself under the bar. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to complete 3 reps in 30 seconds, so I called it a day.

That’s 21 rounds and 107 reps. 

As I was unable to complete the second of the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge workouts on Wednesday I knew I’d have to do so today. I was very concerned that I’d exacerbate my torn labrum. I knew that I wasn’t going to complete 95# power snatches  (Level 3) but thought that I could handle 75# power snatches (Level 2).

I was wrong. I attempted just one rep and felt pain in my right shoulder. I set aside my ego and determined that I’d complete Level 1.

Wall ball shots (14/9)
G2O (45#)

Fourteen pound ball ball shots were, well, very easy to complete. I completed clean grip power snatches. You read that right. I didn’t want to further my injury and using a wide grip would’ve likely led to this. I also didn’t want to bother cleaning the bar to my shoulders as, well, it was just 45#. I worked continuously and completed in 4:21. That’s 54 wall ball shots (and G2o). That’s a total of 161 squats today.

And I’m not the least bit sore.

Courtney captured some pics of yesterday’s Beer Mile!


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