“Griff,” Fartlek, “Murph,” and “Drunk Murph”

SAT MAY 28, 2016 | “GRIFF”

As Jeff was out of town and I couldn’t secure someone to lead one of the Saturday sessions (Thanks for offering, Deborah!), I didn’t complete Saturday’s programmed WOD.

I was feeling the need to run, and I’m glad that I did! I worked out at the American Tobacco Trail doing so after 4pm. I had initially planned on going for an easy 5-mile run. Ha! Easy.

I warmed up, began running, and immediately thought, “I love running.” Whilst I didn’t run all out, I did run at a nice pace and glanced at my clock after first 400m — 1:47. Certainly not fast, but certainly not slow. Whilst finishing next 400m, i.e., 800m, I thought, “Why not do ‘Griff?'” The decision to do so was that immediate. I turned around and began running backwards.

Griff (Time)
Run 800m
Run 400m backwards
Run 800m
Run 400m backwards

Uhm, if I had thought this through I would’ve chosen a different section of the ATT, as the first 1,200m was downhill. Yup, the last half of the run was uphill, and I even ran backwards across White Oak Church Rd.

Time = 12:21

That’s more than a minute slower than PR. And I’m fine with that!

Did I mention that I love running?

2.5-mile Fartlek

I couldn’t tell you that last time that I completed a true fartlek. Yes, I’ve completed with endurance athletes, but never at the true pace and/or distance that I would — and should — run. To keep myself honest I would choose start and finish targets whilst sprinting. I also ensured that I took a breath every other step whilst sprinting. I wonder what thoughts passersby had as I, well, quickly passed them by…

‘Twas a very good run.

I rested Sunday.


Murph (Time)

For Time:
1-Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1-Mile Run
If you have a 20# vest or body armor, wear it.

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

To learn more about Murph click here

My shoulder feels much better! I didn’t, however, want to risk injury so I took it easy today with both pull-ups and pushups.

As is tradition, I wore my very small and very white Nike running shorts. I wanted to make sure that I inspired Jaclyn.

I measured a 1-mile route yesterday. The STDB next door had lots of shit on the shared  sidewalk, so I quickly made a decision to change the course. Uhm, and it’s very likely that the 1-mile course is longer than a mile. Details provided tomorrow (when I’m completely sober and able to do math).

‘Tis a very humid day. Very humid. I did indeed wear what felt like a 40-pound but was a mere 20-pound weight vest.

Lucky and then Luke joined me for most of the run. This may have slowed me down as I kept a watchful eye on them.

What makes me think the mile was longer than 1600m? Because even at a good clip and whilst wearing a 20# weight vest it took me 8:30 to run. That’s a very slow mile for me. Jeff and May captured some (as always) candid pictures. I was merely adjusting my shorts and wasn’t intentionally showing of my muscular legs.


I completed 2 sets of 10 unbroken pull-ups, numerous sets of 5 or more unbroken reps, and was completing doubles by about 80 reps. I completed the 1ooth rep as a single. I can’t recall the time it took me to complete the 100 reps and I didn’t record the time as I had planned.

Pushups were exceedingly challenging today. I began by completing sets of 5 unbroken reps and at no time completed more than that amount. When I finally reached 180 reps I began doing doubles and even completed the last two reps as singles.

Three hundred weighted air squats. The struggle was real. I began by completing two sets of 10 unbroken reps. Once again, 10 is the highest number of unbroken reps that I completed. As I wasn’t going for a PR, I felt no need to push it even with air squats.

I did, however, reposition myself in front of Jaclyn for a few rounds, you know, to inspire her. You’re welcome, Jaclyn.

The clock read 50 minutes when I finally began the last mile run. How do I know that the mile course was longer than a mile? Because it took me 10:15 to run! I could walk a mile that fast. Ha! “Murph” is a hero WOD so those completing should experience duress. I most certainly did.

Time = 1:00:15

I had mentioned to anyone who would listen that I once again planned on doing “Drunk Murph.” No one took the bait, i.e., no one offered to join me. Along with Jeff (my designated driver), Thom, Evelyn, Lauren, Ashlee, Stephen Cline, Wayne, and Dianne were “there” for me. I loaded up the pups and took a quick trip to the gas station across the street and purchased a 12-pack of 12 oz. Michelob Ultra beer.

Unlike last year, I completed this for time.

Drunk Murph
Drink beer (12 oz.)
Run 800m
50 pull-ups
Drink beer
100 pushups
Drink beer
150 air squats
Drink beer
Run 800m
Drink beer

I made sure to turn empty can upside-down and place on my head after consuming each beer. The clock wasn’t displayed, so Evelyn was kind enough to estimate my time. It usually took me about 90 seconds to drink a beer. Not bad, but I’ll have to do better than that if I wan’t to truly compete in a sanctioned beer mile.

A half mile run whilst not wearing a 20# weight vest felt like a walk in the park. The second beer went down easily.

Pull-ups whilst not wearing a 20# weight vest were easy to complete, and I did so in five sets of 10 unbroken reps. The third beer went down easily, although I was starting to feel slightly inebriated.

Pushups whilst not wearing a 20# weight vest felt wonderful, and I began with a set of 25 unbroken reps. The fourth beer still went down easily. I was also enjoying myself, talking with my posse whilst I drank. And dancing.

Air squats whilst not wearing a 20# weight vest felt very easy, and I began with 30 unbroken reps. I began to feel dizzy, but only when I stopped to briefly rest. I finished the 150th rep and yelled, “One more beer!” Someone (Wayne?) replied, “You have to finish with a beer.” I thought, “Is that right? It’s just one more beer. Do it.”

I drank my fifth beer and ran my last half mile. My posse cheered for me as I entered the box. I said, “Don’t applaud yet. I have one more beer to drink.” I glanced at the clock and it read 36 minutes. I proclaimed, “I’m going to come in under 37 minutes!” And that’s what I did.

Time = 36:51

I was quite inebriated when all was said and done, but not so drunk that we couldn’t meet Thom and Evelyn for lunch at West Park Tavern. As it was a cheat meal anyhow, I had “The Homewrecker.” That’s a foot-long beef hot dog loaded with all kinds of shit. ‘Twas delicious.

That’s three (probably more) miles of running, 150 pull-ups, 300 pushups, and 450 air squats. And 72 oz. of beer.

Napping was difficult, you know, because I had to pee every 20 or so minutes. I was also surrounded by animals whilst I napped. Jeff captured this pic. (That’s a pillow between my legs, but thanks for asking.)


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