Shuttle off to Buffalo. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.


Clean and Jerk (5 TNG reps @ 55, 65, & 75% of 1RM)

TNG = Touch and go; attempt to leave hands on the bar for all 5 reps.

As is often the case, I rested Sunday. Coach Nick is out of town so I coached all of the sessions but 9:30; thus, that’s when I worked out. Coach Marni did an awesome job as always!

I didn’t establish a new 1RM last week, so I based percentages on previous 1RM of 165#. I completed all 3 rounds as TNG, with nary a pause between reps, with sets @ 90, 105, & 125#. I felt surprisingly strong. I worked on a very fast and shallow dip and an explosive drive.

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD
5-10-15-10-5 medicine ball cleans (20/14)
10-20-30-20-10 push presses (45/33)
5-10-15-10-5 thrusters (45/33)

Partner B complete 5 medicine ball cleans only after Partner A has completed 5 reps. Partner B then completes 5 push presses but once again only after Partner A has completed reps. Partner B completes 5 thrusters after Partner A has completed 5 thrusters.
Move onto 10 reps and continue in this manner until all reps are completed.

As I shared a platform with Kelly-May (we’re both territorial), Coach Marni partnered us for metcon. I was delighted that she did so, as Kelly-May is a strong athlete and a fierce competitor.

We worked at a blazingly fast and both of us completed all sets in unbroken reps, including 30 push presses. No matter how light the weight, shit gets heavy when it’s that many cumulative reps.

Time = 8:23

The fastest time of the day! I will admit that I felt compelled to to work steadily so as to not disappoint Kelly-May.

Yup, Luke positioned himself by my side. Carin was kind enough to move out of his way. Ha!

Partner WODs are fun!



Bench Press (Establish 1RM)

Take up to 24 minutes to establish 1RM

I woke up in a funk this morning, most likely because I get very lonely when Jeff is out of town. Lonely and a little depressed. Icoached the 6, 7, & 8:30 sessions but just couldn’t bring myself to stay at work out at 9:30. I took Luke for a long walk, made some Paleo coconut snacks, and took a nap. I told myself that if I woke up in time to attend the 11:45 session that that’s what I’d do.

I woke up at exactly 11:45. And then napped another hour. I made a BAS (Big Assed Salad) for lunch, studied for upcoming Situational Leadership training, and tried to get out of my funk. I was unsuccessful in doing so.

I coached the 4 session and my very good friend and brand new CrossFit coach, Jay, shadowed me and worked out. As there were only two in attendance (Sarah and Angie), Jay also worked out.

A large crowd attended the 5:15 session and I asked Jay to coach. (He did a great job and, most importantly, is open to feedback regarding ways to improve.)

I partnered with Anthony for the bench press, my least favorite of all lifts. I felt slight pain in my right shoulder even whilst warming up with the 45# bar. I completed a rep @ 175#, 15# less than PR, and failed at 185 & 180#. Dammit. I probably shouldn’t have bench pressed at all.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10-min AMRAP
– 7 Abmat sit-ups
– 7 Abmat back extensions
Complete 1/leg alternating leg pistols, increasing the number by 1 rep/leg after each round of sit-ups and back extensions

I set a goal to complete all rounds in unbroken reps and that’s what I did. I did, however, have to constantly move my Abmat as Luke was by my side — and often in my way — throughout the metcon. He’s a very good dog so I didn’t mind in the least.

Pistols went surprisingly well today. I find that when I focus on placing weight on standing leg (whilst wearing weightlifting shoes), I can complete reps rather quickly.

I completed 10 rounds and with just a few seconds left managed to complete 1 last sit-up. That’s 71 sit-ups, 70 back extensions, and 55/leg pistols.

Score = 196 reps


What a difference a day makes. I woke up this morning feeling energized and happy. Yay! Maybe I’m out of my funk. Maybe not. I coached all of the morning sessions except 9:30 so that’s when I worked out. I always enjoy when Marni coaches, and today was no exception.
Metcon (Time)
10-8-6-4-2 hang power cleans
20-40-60-80-100 yard sprints (in 10m shuttle sprints intervals)
6-min time cap
Rx+, Rx, Scaled
Men = 155, 105, 75#

This is the 4th workout of the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge. One more week! I warmed up and 105# felt easy. I put 135# on the bar and felt a twinge in right shoulder the very first rep. Level II it is, then!

Doza counted my reps and made sure to remind me how many reps I was responsible for completing at the top of each round. I worked steadily and quickly, completing all rounds in unbroken reps and resting nary a moment when transitioning. I also made sure to stand to full extension before completing first hang power clean.

Time = 3:05

That’s a sprint, ladies and gentlemen.

Metcon (10 Rounds for time)

Every other minute for 10 rounds
2 wall crawls
10 KB swings (53)
50 double unders

As I knew folks wouldn’t be happy with just a 6-minute workout, I programmed a doozy. Having seen folks suffer though this during the earlier sessions, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to complete all 1o rounds. I set a goal, of course, to do just that.

I completed all but the last round of 2 wall crawls in unbroken reps. I had one of those moments the very last round when I told myself to not rest between reps and, well, I briefly rested nonetheless. In other words, I don’t always listen to my inner monologue. The brief respite between the first and second wall crawls was much needed.

I completed all rounds of KB swings in unbroken reps and always began with a swing. I completed about half of the reps as a snatch + press.

I completed the first 6 rounds of double unders in unbroken reps, the 7th round in reps of 35 & 15, the 8th and 9th rounds in sets of 3 (or maybe 4?), and the last round in reps of 29 and 21.

1 = 1:02
2 = 1:02
3 = 1:01 (fastest round)
4 = 1:05
5 = 1:04
6 = 1:05
7 = 1:17
8 = 1:33
9 = 1:37 (slowest round)
10 = 1:35

Average = 1:14
Total time = 12:21

My heart rate stayed elevated even whilst resting. I am quite pleased with my performance.

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