Tabata This! (5 Rounds for reps)

Tabata Row 
Rest 1 minute 
Tabata Squat 
Rest 1 minute 
Tabata Pull-up 
Rest 1 minute 
Tabata Push-up 
Rest 1 minute 
Tabata Sit-up  

Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals.  Unit for the row is “calories”.  Post Tabata score for each exercise as Reps and total those for final score as Total Reps.

It just wasn’t in the cards for me today, as this was one of my lowest scores to date. Uhm, probably shouldn’t have completed so many pull-ups and handstand pushups yesterday. Dammit.

I set a goal to complete 8-calorie row. I rowed 8 calories rounds 1 through 6 and then 7 the last 2 rounds. Dammit and dammit. (By the way, I observed someone row 6 calories one of their rounds yet record 7 calories in Wodify. Why, I ask? Why?)

I set a goal to complete 21 air squats a round and that’s what I did. And I could’ve completed 22, as I usually had 2 or 3 seconds remaining in each round.

Pull-ups fell apart. I completed 11, 10, 9, and then a mere 8 reps the remaining rounds. I was able to complete 10 reps a round the last time I completed this workout.

Pushups really fell apart. I completed 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, & 8. Gah! I completed 13 reps a round the last time I completed this workout. Thirteen!

I completed 13 sit-ups a round, completing 14 through round 5. This is a least 1 more rep than the last time. Yay!

Score = 57 

It truly bothers me when members record inflated scores. I intentionally glanced a C2 monitor after a few rounds and also counted reps last round for folks who I am suspicious of cheating. Yup, someone recorded a calorie more than row that I witnessed, added as much as 2 reps to air squat tabata, etc. Why?


Whilst I didn’t complete programmed WOD I did complete final Summertime Challenge re-test. My goal was to complete 6 thrusters @ 155#, just one more rep than the first time.
Summer Blast Benchmark (AMRAP – Reps)
4-Minute Rounds
– 20 box jump overs (24″)
– 15 toes to bar 
– 10 power cleans & jerks*

– 95/115/135/155# C&J

My biggest mistake was not warming up thrusters. Yes, I warmed up power clean. Yes, I warmed up jerk. But I didn’t warm up thruster, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete 6 clean & jerks @ 155#.

I nonetheless achieved my goal. I didn’t exceed it, but I achieved it.


Bench Press (10 @ 55%, 5 @ 65%, 3 @ 70%, & max rep @ 75% of 1RM)

Shoulder still hurting. Only 4 reps @ 140#. Dammit.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

16-min AMRAP
2, 4, 6, 8…
– Pull-ups
– Toes to bar
30-second plank hold after each round

Score = total number of reps (30-second plank hold = 3 reps, 1 rep/10 seconds)
– Increase reps by 2 each round

Rx+ = strict pull-ups and toes to bar and weighted plank hold (45)

Yes, I completed Rx+, and in retrospect shouldn’t have. Read on.

Luke and Lucky were by my side the entire workout!

I made it through round 6 and completed additional 14 pull-ups and some toes to bar before time ran out.

Score = 122 reps


I traveled to San Francisco Wednesday and had every intention of working out Wednesday afternoon. I was unable to do so due to a pulled muscle/pinched nerve below left shoulder. Dammit.

The pain began Tuesday night. I can’t recall a time in my life when I’ve experienced such intense and consistent pain. It felt as if I were being stabbed in the back with a serrated hunting knife. I slept in fitful bursts, attempting to get comfortable but unable to do so.

My direct flight was at 7 so I was wide awake at 3:30. I took a Sudafed hoping that I’d be able to sleep during the 5-hour flight. I was unable to get comfortable let alone fall asleep. I continuously moved my left arm attempting to alleviate some of the pain but, alas, to no avail.

I sent a message to Dr. Anthony early that morning and received his response when I arrived in San Francisco. Ibuprofen and muscle relaxer. I had neither, so I walked a mile and a half to the nearest CVS Minute Clinic.
I arrived at 2:05, five minutes past the start of the PA’s hourlong lunch break. I sat outside a Starbuck’s and drank a BA cup of calming tea. The tea offered no relief and certainly wasn’t calming.
I explained my situation and the PA prescribed a muscle relaxer. I purchased a BA bottle of ibuprofen and hoped for the best.
I had a very restless night of sleep, again not being able to get comfortable. Not only did the pain not subside, it intensified!
I truly enjoy teaching Situational Leadership. I didn’t explain my predicament to any of the attendees, as my situation (see what I did there) did not justify shitty training.
Whilst the 38 attendees briefly introduced themselves I felt as if I were going to pass out, cry, and/or vomit. The pain was that intense! As one of the muscle relaxers causes sleepiness, I chose not to take that morning. I did slather biofreeze on my back and took the maximum allowable ibuprofen.
I made it through the very successful day of training. Mike, the CEO, was very complimentary. That was a relief. I’m quite a good actor. Like Stanley Tucci.
That evening I took a short walk. I knew I wouldn’t be able to work out. I also knew that I shouldn’t work out.
I did take the muscle relaxers before going to sleep Thursday night. Again, I had a fitful, restless night of sleep filled with angst-ridden dreams. Gah!
I don’t think any of the attendees had any idea that I was in such agonizing pain.
The training fortunately ended at noon. My flight didn’t leave until 10, so I took more ibuprofen and muscle relaxers and attempted to sleep. I then went for a long walk, ate dinner, and took a shuttle to the airport, constantly moving my arm in different positions in a failed attempt to appease the pain.
The good thing about the flight? I upgraded to economy plus and had an exit row seat with plenty of legroom. I had an aisle seat and the middle seat was empty. Yay!
The bad thing about the flight? I was in too much pain and agony to get comfortable let alone fall asleep. There were five or six infants on the flight and they took turns screaming at the top of their lungs, so even if I would’ve been able to fall asleep the screams would’ve kept me awake.
I could barely stay in my lane whilst driving home.
Jeff set up the heating pad for me and, as he, Evenlyn, and Doza coached the Saturday sessions, I finally managed to fall asleep on the couch. Jeff then chauffeured me to Triangle Orthopedics.
Having x-rays taken was painful. Fortunately the x-rays were good, and there were no bone injuries or signs of arthritis. The doctor prescribed a more powerful pain reliever, a non-drowsy muscle relaxer (that my insurance plan doesn’t cover) and steroids. Yes, I’m once again on steroids.

And I am glad that I am! The pain has greatly subsided, I was able to sleep through most of the night (with Luke, Zac, and Meg pressed against me), and I was even able to finally work out!



I completed the metcon that was programmed last Friday. I was hungry for a workout!

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5-min AMRAP
5 deadlifts (185)
10 barbell facing burpees
25 lateral bar hops
– Rest 3 minutes –
4-min AMRAP
4 deadlifts (225)
8 barbell facing burpees
20 lateral bar hops
– Rest 3 minutes –
3-min AMRAP
3 deadlifts (275)
6 barbell facing burpees
15 lateral bar hops
– Rest 3 minutes
2-min AMRAP
2 deadlifts (315)
4 barbell facing burpees
10 lateral bar hops

Yup, I worked out solo. This. Was. Tough. I was concerned that my left arm would hurt whilst doing burpees. I experienced little pain. I did notice, however, that I was centering my weight on my (still healing) right arm and shoulder.

Round 1 = 3 rounds + 10 reps
Round 2 = 3 rounds + 5 reps
Round 3 = 2 rounds + 6 reps
Round 4 = 2 rounds

Deadlifts = 46
Burpees = 113
LBH = 185

I had just eaten breakfast moments before beginning the metcon. And I can do that with no adverse reactions.

I completed all burpee and lateral bar hops in unbroken reps. I also completed the round of 5 deadlifts @ 185 and the first 2 rounds of 4 deadlifts @ 225 in unbroken reps, i.e., I dropped the bar only after the last rep. Deadlifts got heavy.

I completed 2 deadlifts @ 315, 4 barbell facing burpees and 10 lateral bar hops in just under a minute. I then failed at the next deadlift! I just couldn’t get the bar past my knees. I paused a moment, reset, and deadlifted the bar. And the struggle was real!

I’m in Jersey City and hope to be able to work out at CFJC tomorrow and Tuesday morning. Stay tuned.

Did I mention that Stevie visited whilst Anthony took a much needed and well deserved vacation with his daughters? I love Stevie, and so does Luke!


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